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NEWSLETTERS Beach Competitions

Rosarito, MEXICO Sep 14-19, 2011

Players from 10 countries to compete at Rosarito Beach (Newsletter 80)

Español / English

VARADERO, Cuba, August 26, 2011

Teams announced for fifth stage in Varadero, Cuba (Newsletter 71)

Español / English

Chiapas, MEXICO-May 11-16

Sweat and Batt win women’s gold in Chiapas (Newsletter-33-2011)

Español / English

Miramontes and Virgen take second title of the year (Newsletter-32-2011)

Español / English

Dominicans Perez and Recio win over Canadians (Newsletter-31-2011)

Español / English

Mexicans Revuelta and Virgen in semis after tough battle (Newsletter-30-2011)  Español / English

Victorious debut for Mexico’s Women Newcomers (Newsletter-29-2011)

Español / English

Impressive debuts for Cuba, USA and Mexico (Newsletter-28-2011)

Español / English

Fourth stage of NORCECA Beach at Chiapas (Newsletter-10-2011)

Español / English

Boca Chica, Dominican Republic, Abril, 21-24, 2011

Americans Pavlik and Kropp take women’s title in Boca Chica (Newsletter-26-2011) Español / English
Cubans Piña and Jimenez claim men’s gold at Boca Chica (Newsletter-25-2011) Español / English
Villegas brothers score major upset in Boca Chica Tournament (Newsletter-24-2011) Español / English
Reyna and Estevez romp into quarterfinals at Boca Chica (Newsletter-23-2011) Español / English
Boca Chica event set to open with pairs from 17 countries (Newsletter-22-2011) Español / English

Guatemala Apr 6-11

Mexicans and Canadians top Guatemala Beach Tournament (Newsletter 15-2011) Español / English
USA, Mexico and Canada lead the quarterfinals in Guatemala (Newsletter 14-2011) Español / English
Mexicans Virgen and Miramontes debut with double victory (Newsletter 13-2011) Español / English
The battle for the main bracket at Guatemala begins on Friday (Newsletter 12-2011) Español / English

Official announcement of Guatemala’s Gatorade Beach Tournament (Newsletter11-2011) Español / English

NORCECA Circuit now heads for Guatemala (Newsletter10-2011)

Español / English

Grand Cayman, CAYMAN ISLANDS Mar 23-28
Canada and USA reign at Cayman Islands event (Newsletter-09-2011) Español / English

Quarterfinals at Grand Cayman on Sunday morning (Newsletter-08-2011) Español / English

Defending champions with successful first day in Grand Cayman (Newsletter-07-2011) Español / English
Grand Cayman hosts opening event for third consecutive year (Newsletter-06-2011) Español / English