Men’s U23 AFECAVOL Championship gets underway

GUATEMALA CITY, Guatemala, September 15, 2018. - The fourth U23 Men’s AFECAVOL Central American Championship is underway with the preliminary inspections of all the facilities in Guatemala City on the eve of the competition.

Delegates of the seven Central American teams presented the official paper work and credentials during the preliminary inquiries conducted by AFECAVOL Supervisor Jose Luis Jimenez Lao and President of the Guatemalan National Federation Aida Boesche de Giron.

The competition that starts on Sunday at Teodoro Palacios Flores Gymnasium is expected to be a close one, according to the head coaches’ first interviews.

Esmidio Limonta, Head Coach of Belize: “I’ve been in charge for the past five months of all the national teams, women and men, in Belize; this is why our preparation was for only one month because I was concentrated in the women’s team. Our preparation is not much, but of good quality. As everyone here, our goal is to win”.

Juan Acuña, Head Coach of Costa Rica: “The group had a good preparation, our expectations are to finish in the top places because Costa Rica’s performance in the past event hasn’t been optimum, and we hope to change that. Half of the team competed in Cuba in the NORCECA Challenge Volleyball Nations League tournament”.

Feridh Alavi, Head Coach of El Salvador: “We’ve been training since January; we have a competitive game level. We hope to perform our best, the team lacks experience, but we will represent our country well”.

Reider Lucas, Head Coach of Guatemala: “Our responsibility is of a good result, this team has a long trajectory that has allowed us to reach a high competitive level. This group has been working with me since the U19 category and they have won all the Central American Championships in every category. Seven players won this tournament two years ago; also, some competed in Barranquilla, in the Pan American Cup in Mexico and the U21 Continental Championship in Cuba. This team has great experience and they are ranked fourth in NORCECA; I am very glad because of their great level to become our senior national team”.

Juan Andres Leon, Head Coach Honduras: “The goal is always to win a medal; the team is highly motivated and comes well prepared. We’ve achieved the task of elevating our height average, with new players, among them some from Roatan. Three of our players have experience in the past Central American Games in Managua. The competition will be very close, except for Guatemala that has reached a higher level due to their consistency in the past years; something we’re looking to do in Honduras”.

Osman Hernandez, Head Coach of Nicaragua: “Part of the team has won the U-19 and U-21 Central American championships. Eighty percent of the players are the current U-21 Central American champs and competed recently in Cuba at the Continental NORCECA championship; the rest are from the past U-23 team. The team is in good conditions, we expect a good result and our goal is to elevate our senior team’s game level. We’ve been training for eight years, but not with consistency because of our country’s political situation, still we are highly motivated”. 

Horacio Angulo, Head Coach of Panama: “The goal is to keep the same ranking of two years ago in this category (second place), even if we didn’t have the necessary time to prepare for the event. This team is very different from the past one, three of our strongest players are in United Sates (Uriel, Uber and Cafe), but still our team is well structured to fight and to perform well”.