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High Level in the return of NORCECA Circuit to Boqueron


CABO ROJO, Puerto Rico, August 4, 2016 – The NORCECA Beach Volleyball Circuit returns to the Central American Stadium in Boqueron with the participation of 13 women’s teams and 12 men’s duos in the tournament running from August 5 to 8.


“We are expecting a great competition with several teams that have won at other stops in the 2016 Circuit. It will be a big tournament and all the reams are in Boqueron ready to debut tomorrow,” said Arnaldo Sanchez, the technical director.


Kelly Reeves/Allison McColloch, who have triumphed in two previous events in 2016 lead the women’s group of teams. Also from the United States is the team of Sara Hughes/Kelly Claes that won in North Bay, Canada last July.


Another team that will be active will be the Canadian of Julie Gordon/Brandie Wilkerson that dominated in the stop at La Paz, Mexico.


Among the men’s teams the Canadian duo of Michael Plantinga/Cameron Wheelan, who obtained a title in Costa Rica in April, is also included.


Puerto Rico as host country have registered three teams per gender with Valeria Porrata/Dariam Avecedo (PUR 1); Idalia Andino/Yamaris Merced (PUR 2) and María González/Allanis Nava (PUR 3) in the women’s field and Kevin Rodríguez/Arnel Cabrera  (PUR 1); Orlando Irizarry/Juan C. Ribas (PUR 2) and Pablo Guzmán/Eric Haddock (PUR 3) in the men’s event.


Those teams qualified throughout the National Circuit that took place in July at Boqueron.


“This is the closing of a historic summer in the passion for the beach,” Sanchez said. “Now we are thinking about how will be the 2017 but I am sure the fans will have a NORCECA of high level to close the summer.”



Previous Winners in 2016:

Guatemala City

USA Trevor Crabb/Taylor Crabb (M)

USA Kelly Reeves/Allison Daley-McColloch (W)

Guaymas, México

CUB Nivaldo Díaz/Sergio González (M)

USA Kimberly Dicello/Kendra Vanzwieten (W)

La Paz, México

CUB Nivaldo Díaz/Sergio González (M)

CAN Julie Gordon/Brandie Wilkerson (W)

Guanacaste, Costa Rica

CAN Cameron Wheelan/Michael Plantinga (M)

USA Kelly Reeves/Allison Daley-McColloch (W)

Grand Cayman, Cayman Island

USA – Taylor Crabb / Trevor Crabb (M)

USA – Betsi Flinch / Kelly Larsen (W)

Punta Cana, República Dominicana

CUB= Nivaldo Díaz / Sergio González (M)

CUB – Lianma Flores / Leila Martínez (W)

North Bay, Canadá

USA – Marty Lorenz / Adam Roberts (M)

USA – Sara Hughes / Kelly Claes (W) 

Varadero, Cuba

CUB – Nivaldo Díaz / Sergio González (M)

CUB – Yanisleidi Sánchez / Lidiannis Echevarria (W)


Women’s Teams -  Kelly Claes / Sara Hughes (USA 1); Allison McColloch /  Kelly Reeves (USA 2); Delphine Stephens / Vanessa Azille (GDO); Megan Nagy / Marie Lapointe (CAN 1); Brandie Wilkerson / Julie Gordon (CAN 2); Laura Molina / Marcela Avalo (ESA); María J. Orellana / María A. Orellana (GUA); Manika Charle / Berthany Whitenton (ISV 1); Amber Bennett / Melanie Valenciana (ISV 2); Valeria Porrata / Dariam Avecedo (PUR 1); Idalia Andino / Yamaris Merced (PUR 2); María González / Allanis Nava (PUR 3); Swan Mendoza / Socorro M. López (NCA).


Men’s Teams  – Brayan Monge / Sebastián Valenciano (CRC); Daneil Williams / Simon Blake (TRI); Rony Sophieryair / Baltyde Ludovie (GDP); David Vargas / Luis Morales (ESA); Michael Plantinga / Cameron Wheelan (CAN 1); Christian Redman / Felipe Humana (CAN 2); James Avery / evin McColloch (USA 1); Marty Lorenz / Adm Robert (USA 2); Luis A. García / Erick Garrido (GUA); Kevin Rodríguez / Arnel Cabrera  (PUR 1); Orlando Irizarry / Juan C. Ribas (PUR 2); Pablo Guzmán / Erick Haddock (PUR 3).