PRESS RELEASE 16/10/2009

Dominican Republic to play with Mexico for fifth place

BAYAMON, Puerto Rico, October 16, 2009 – Dominican Republic will play with Mexico for the fifth place of the NORCECA Men’s Continental Championship after scoring a 25-19, 25-18, 25-22 victory over Panama on Friday at Ruben Rodriguez Coliseum.


Jose Cáceres led Dominican Republic with 24 points and Domingo Avila charted 10 points for Panama. The Dominicans had a 8-2 advantage in the blocking department.


“Today many of our younger players saw action as they need to get exposed to the international competition,” said Dominican captain Victor Batista. “Tomorrow we are going hard against Mexico looking to avenge the loss in five sets against them during the last qualifying tournament to the World Championship.”


“I think the experience of playing against great teams with big attackers like it was today will help us to prepare better for the match against Barbados,” said Ricardo Brown, the captain of Panama.


“I agree with our captain,” said Jacinto Campechano, the Dominican coach. “The match against Mexico doesn’t have the importance of the last one, but we want to win badly.”


“The players of Barbados are very good attackers but their defense, especially the reception is not good,” said José Remón, the coach of Panama. “We have to take advantage of it”.


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