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St. Lucia, quells the heat of the St. Eustatius “Quill”

ORANJESTAD, St Eustatius, July 8, 2018 - With a mathematical chance of making the championship game, St. Eustatius summoned the heat of the “Quill” to motivate them to victory as they took the fight to St. Lucia but it was to no avail.  The score line for the game was 3:0 (25- 14, 25- 22 , 25-22 ).  St. Lucia, operating from a place of intrinsic motivation elevated their game to a new level vanquishing St. Eustatius like warm sunlight evaporates mist.  St. Lucia’s hitting machine Tenayestlgni Joseph lead the way with nineteen (19) points.  She was well supported by Captain Chenoa Evans, who scored five (5) points.

Host, St. Eustatius did not acquiesce to the advances of St. Lucia but provided some resistance to them. The ruckus crowd buoyed the confidence of St. Eustatius and they rode that wave. Unfortunately they lacked the offensive fire power to seal the game.  However St. Eustatius gave a very good account of themselves as they pushed St. Lucia to a level not seen before in this tournament.  The main scorer for St. Eustatius was Michaline Penijn who scored five (5) points.

Coach Joseph Clercent scouted his opposition and was happy to see his team exploit their weakness.  He also indicated players were impacted by the heat but they have remained focused as they seek to complete the mission of making it to the finals and win the Championship.  Coach Spanner felt his “St. Eustatius” charges lost focus during the first set but regained composure as was demonstrated by the scores.  Coach Spanner concluded his team played a good game as they confident and very energetic.