United States takes seventh place at Men’s Pan American Cup

CORDOBA, México, September 1, 2018. - United States prevailed over Chile 3-1 (26-24, 25-18, 27-29, 25-22) and took seventh place at the XIII Men’s Pan American Cup at Arena Cordoba in Cordoba, Mexico.

United States overcame Chile in a neck to neck battle with force, finishing with an overall 3-2 win-loss record. The Chilean performance turned on a notch with spectacular defense and after the US lost match-point in set three.

The US led 59-54 in attacking and scored on 30 Chilean errors. Chile held slim advantage in the other two categories with 12-11 in blocks and 4-3 in aces, while scoring on 23 US errors.

Setter James Shaw of United States once again led all scorers with 21 points. Also contributing in the US victory was middle blocker Matthew Pollock and wing spiker David Wieczorek with 16 points each. Wing spiker Vicente Parraguirre led Chile with 20 points, joined by opposite Tomas Parraguirre with 17 points and middle blocker Simon Guerra con 13 points.

Jonah Seif captain of United States said “we had a good plan as a team and we executed well, it’s a good win and our guys are always trying to get better; every time they play and practice they’re just trying to improve”.

Head coach David Hunt said Chile was a worthy opponent “they played well the whole tournament and they were in a tough pool, we were lucky to win. We were just trying to get better with every match and I feel we did that, culminating with our best performance”.

Head coach of Chile, Argentinean Daniel Nejamkin said “we played a good first set, the USA had two important points scoring on our position four and it took us a set to recover our game level. I believe we had three good sets against the USA that performed with consistency”.