PRESS RELEASE 28/07/2007

Giba Godoy was the Most Valuable Player in Brazil


RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil, July 28, 2007.- Brazilian Gilberto Godoy, better known by his nickname of “Giba” by the volleyball crowds around the world, was elected today as the Most Valuable Player of the Men’s Tournament of the Pan American Games.


Fresh from the victory in the World League, the powerful attacker and all-around player led Brazil to its first crown in the continental multi-sport competition since 1983. Brazil defeated USA in the match for the gold medal.


Brazil sent two more players to the All-Star Team with setter Marcelo Elgarten and Sergio Santos who took the medals as best libero and receiver.


Puerto Rican Hector Soto finished as the best scorer and his fellow countryman Gregory Berrios was the best defender.


American Sean Rooney and Delano Thomas qualified as the top spiker and server respectively, and Cuban Roberlandy Simon resulted in the best blocker. 

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