30 pairs from 15 countries in Varadero



VARADERO, Cuba, August 27, 2015 – Fifteen countries and the same number of duos per gender will be represented at the fourth stage of the NORCECA Beach Volleyball Circuit to take place on the sands of Barcelo-Solymar-Arenas Blancas Hotel in Varadero, Cuba.

Canada and Cuba are entering with two teams per gender while the United States are fielding two women’s teams and one men’s duo. Six other countries are represented in both segments and the rest with men’s teams except Mexico and Guatemala that registered two and one women’s duo, respectively.

“I want to congratulate the Cuban Organizing Committee, especially the three-time Olympic champion Mireya Luis, NORCECA supervisor, for their great effort to prepare the training and playing courts perfectly, complying with all requirements and well located,” said Cesar Daniel Ozuna, technical director of the event.

Ozuna, member of the FIVB refereeing commission and two other commissions of NORCECA, commended the preliminary and technical meeting, the latter held accompanied by a sudden and heavy rain, welcomed due to the drought that has affected the island for several months.

“It is a big advantage to have the event next to the five-star hotel and transportation is not needed which facilitates everything, the food is very good and the conditions are ready to begin with this phase,” said Ozuna, a former player of the Mexican national team for eight years.

Women’s teams: Kerri Smit-Victoria Cowley (CAN-2) y Rachel Cockrell-Camille Saxton (CAN-1), Ana Ríos-Bibiana Candelas (MEX-1) y Gloria Santoyo-Stephanie Burnside (MEX-2), Leila Martinez-Lidianni Echevarria (CUB 1) y  Lianma Flores-Yanileidis Sánchez (CUB-2), Malika Davidson-Ayana Dyette (TRI), Sigourney Kame-Janice Valtes (SUR), Amber Bennett-Valissia Brathwaite (ISV), Raquel Ferrand-Jennifer Batista (DOM), Karen Cope-Natalia Alfaro (CRC), Ana Villagrán-Aury Álvarez (GUA) y Dala Noel-Skye Mondesir (LCA), Sara Hughes-Kelly Claes (USA-1) e Irene Hester-Caitlin Ledoux (USA-2).

Men’s teams: Christham Redmann-Felipe Humana (CAN-1) y Aaron Nusbaun-Mike Plantinga (CAN-2), Nivaldo Díaz-Sergio González (CUB-1) y Yendry Castillo-Liosbel Méndez (CUB-2), Fabien Whitfield-Daneil Williams (TRI); Furgil Ong A Fat-Zefanio Breinburg (SUR); Senel Dupuy-Kelpes Vilmont (HAI); William Sánchez-Luis Castillo (DOM), Rubén Mora-Miguel López (NCA), Marc Lomeli-Brian Kwasny (IVS), Marty Wood-Wilfredo Vega (HON), Franklin Flores-Armando Guatemala (ESA), Rooper Espinoza-Alexander Villegas (CRC) y  Augustín Faulkner-Tevin St.Jean (LCA), Edwin Burik-Curt Toppel (USA),

Women’s Pools:
A.- USA-1, IVS y DOM, B.- CAN-1, TRI, USA-2 y CUB-2, C.- CUB-1, MEX-1, CAN-2 y LCA, y D.- GUA, CRC, MEX-2 y SUR.

Men’s Pools:
A.- CAN-1, NCA y ESA, B.- USA, IVS, HAI y LCA, C.- CUB-1, HON, DOM y CAN-2, y D.- CRC, TRI, SUR y CUB-2.