Alondra Tapia volleyball player with a scholarship in Japan


SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic, December 20, 2019 - The young Dominican Alondra Tapia Cruz has been recipient of a scholarship to study and play in Japan through an agreement signed between the National Women's Volleyball National Teams Project and the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JAICA).


According to the pact, Tapia Cruz, 15, will study and play at Furukawa-Gakuen High School until 2023.


The agreement was signed by Cristóbal Marte Hoffiz, on behalf of the SENAFE Project, while Mr. Okazaki Norio signed it for the Furukawa-Gakuen School.


"We are very satisfied with the signing of this agreement whose first beneficiary is Alondra," said Marte Hoffiz during a farewell dinner offered by SENAFE attended by Mr. Daichi Saegusa, coach of the Japan Volleyball Association (JaVA) and Mr. Kondo Takayuki, representative of JAICA. "It will allow her to develop as a player and student in Japanese culture."


The Japanese high school will cover the costs of accommodation, medical insurance, studies and other minor expenses, while the Dominican part, SENAFE-Dominican Volleyball Federation will cover air transfers each time Tapia Cruz plays with the Dominican National Team.


The outstanding Dominican athlete, who was studying the Japanese language until last November at the APEC Institute of Higher Studies, was selected by Japanese technicians who took into account their age, athletic conditions and school level.


Tapia Cruz is committed to playing with the National Volleyball Team in the NORCECA U-18 Championship and the U-18 Pan American Cup of 2020, as well as the FIVB U-18 World Championship of 2021. Also the NORCECA U-20 Continental Championship in 2021 and the U20 Pan American Cup in 2022.


The student-player contract obliges the student to play volleyball representing Furukawa-Gakuen High School during the years in which tournaments are held each year in the month of December. Likewise, Tapia Cruz agrees to play with a Japanese League contracting team during the 2023, 2024 and 2025 seasons under conditions to be discussed with their home federation.