Belize stuns Costa Rica 3-1


BELIZE CITY, Belize, August 7, 2018 - Belize is in a race for the gold with 15pts after they stunned the reigning champinos Costa Rica: 3-1 (25-18, 25-23, 19-25, 26-24) in the 12th game of the 20th Central American women’s volleyball championships, in Belize City.


Belize had the advantage in blocks: 9-5, and gained 30 points by their opponent’s errors, even though they conceded 25 points by errors. Both teams served 6 aces, and Costa Rica had the advantage on spikes: 54-50.


Outside hitter Sherika Burton is leads the tournament with 76 points to date, and she led Belize with 19 points: 18 spikes and 1 block. Opposite Shantell Arnold scored 15 points: 9 spikes, 3 blocks and 3 aces. Middle blocker Tichele Solís scored 12 points: 9 spikes and served 3 aces. Outside hitter Nelissa Ramirez hammered 10 kills.


Outside hitter Yuliana González is the second best scorer of the tournament with 68 points, and she led Costa Rica with 17 points: 15 spikes and 2 aces. Outside hitter Tannia Carazo hammered 16 spikes. Opposite Mariana Rodriguez scored 12 points: 10 spikes, a block and an ace.


Belize’s coach Esmidio Limonta Muñoz said, “Everything went according to our game plan. It went awry in the third set and we lost the set. But we have to recognize that we took on a great team - Costa Rica. We cannot deny that they are a great team who know how to play, who are solid in the basics. Tomorrow, basically we will focus on another win!”


Costa Rica’s coach Cesar Salas Salazar said “Belize was definitely superior in many aspects in the game, in blocking, they marked us very well. The same in hitting, we could not control the game, because our serve was too weak, too simple, which did not allow us to counteract what Belize was doing. So we won one set, and that was all. All merit goes to the work that Belize put in, which was very good. We now await the outcome of tomorrow’s matches to see what will be the final rankings.