Belize triumphs 3-0 over Panama


BELIZE CITY, Belize, August 5, 2018 - Belize overwhelmed Panama: 3-0 (25-16, 25-17, 25-14) in the sixth match at 20th Central American women’s volleyball championships at the Civic Center in Belize City.


The Belize girls despatched Panama more efficiently: 8 minutes faster and conceding 10 points fewer, than Costa Rica did it the day before in the opening game. Belize had the advantage on spikes: 37-17 and service points: 12-5, gaining 26 points by their opponents’ errors, but conceding 20 points by their own errors.


Outside hitter Sherika Burton and opposite Shantell Arnold both scored 11 points: Sherika by 8 spikes, 2 serves and 1 block, while Shantell scored 9 spikes and 2 blocks. Middle blocker Tichele Solis scored 10 points: 8 spikes and serving 2 aces, and outside hitter Nelissa Ramirez added 9 points.


Panama’s opposite Hashlyn Cuero and outside hitter Irene Martinez both scored 7 each.


Belize’s Cuban coach Esmidio Limonta Muñoz declared: “the girls were very focused in getting their 5 points, which we needed above all else, and there you have it! Above all, it warms my heart on my birthday today!”


Shantell Arnold said: “after last night’s tough loss, the team recuperated. The “ profe” spoke to us about the crucial mistakes we made, and we were determined to come back strong tonight and win in 3, and that is what we did!”


Panama’s coach Eliot Clarke congratulated the Belize team on a job well done” they did everything right, with fewer errors than us, and they were focused on getting their 5 points. Panama lacked in too many serves shanked into the net, they weren’t focused on the game, and the Belize team took advantage of this , 100 per cent! We’ll see what happens, someone will be our victim.”


Panama’s captain Hashlyn Cuero also congratulated the Belize team, “because they were superior to us in many aspects, they knew how to make use of their home court advantage. There were moments when they were better than us, and we did not know how to counter this. We must move on, and acknowledge our mistakes today, so we do not repeat them tomorrow, and we’ll see if that works.”