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Canada and USA women dominate again in North Bay

NORTH BAY, Canada, July 2, 2016 - Comfortable conditions greeted the players at the Molson Canor Sand Centre in North Bay, Ontario on Saturday.  The rain of yesterday seemed have moved on and although breezy, it was much more favorable for athletes and fans alike.

The women’s event saw the Canadian and U.S. teams dominate again today.   Guadeloupe’s Caroline Reb and Fanny Katarzynski were eliminated from advancement by the U.S. top seeded pair (McColloch and Reeves) here in North Bay.  And the U.S. Virgin Islands was relegated by Canada’s Rachel Cockrell and Camille Saxton. Tournament top seeds Brandie Wilkerson and Julie Gordon made quick work on Trinidad and Tobago’s Dyette and Thomas this morning (21-13, 21-13)

It will be an all-North America semi-finals on Sunday. As Kelly Claes and Sara Hughes face their U.S. teammates Alison McColloch and Kelly Reeves.  The “Canadian” semi will see fan favorites Brandie Wilkerson and Julie Gordon, who were gold medalists on the circuit earlier this year, take on Megan Nagy and Marie Christine Lapointe.

North Bay is the only beach tour stop this year in Canada.

Women’s Results Day Two

USA1 McColloch/Reeves d CAN3 Nagy/ Lapointe 2-1 (21-16, 22-24, 15-8). CAN2 Cockrell/Saxton d ISV Valenciana/Bennett 2-0 (21-9, 21-15). CAN1 Wilkerson/Gordon d TRI Dyette/Thomas 2-0 (21-13, 21-13)   CAN1 Wilkerson/Gordon d. CAN4 Harnett/Veltman 2-0 (21-11, 21-15).  USA2 Hughes/Claes d CAN2 Cockrell/Saxton 2-0 (21-14, 21-10).  USA 1 McColloch/Reeves d GDP Reb/Katarzynski  (21-10, 21-10).