Centeno inducted to Guatemala’s Sports Notable Figures

GUATEMALA CITY, Guatemala, December 7, 2020. - The Guatemalan Sport’s Confederation - CDAG - inducted Mme. Marta Centeno de Sajché, former NORCECA Vice President, to Guatemala´s Notable Sports Figures Gallery.

The tribute took place on Guatemalan Athlete´s Day and on the occasion of the 75th Anniversary of Guatemalan Sport´s Confederation, where the new inductees of Guatemala´s Notable Sports Figures Gallery are recognized as symbols of honor and dignified for their contribution to Guatemala’s sports.

Marta Centeno de Sajché was inducted in the category of sport’s national and international leader, for her support to improve, develop and promote sports, fair play and contribution to human coexistence through sports.

 “I want to thank the sport’s authorities of Guatemala, God for giving me the opportunity to receive this tribute and my family for unconditionally supporting me while leaving them for many days in order to worthily represent Guatemala and with honor, not only as a sport’s leader but for 25 years as an athlete, which motivated me to work for athletes aware of their needs” indicated Centeno while accepting the award.  

Among the positions occupied as international Volleyball leader from 2004 to her retirement in 20018, Marta Centeno was President of the Central American Zonal Volleyball Association AFECAVOL; Vice President, Member of the Board of Administration, General Secretary, Member of the Development and Beach Volleyball Commissions of the NORCECA Volleyball Confederation; and FIVB Executive Vice President and Member of the Board of Administration.