Chinese coach assisting Jamaica in training process


KINGSTON, Jamaica, January 14, 2019 - In keeping with our commitment to have more children playing /being exposed to volleyball, we continue with our U13 Primary School Competition. With the assistance of the GC Foster College of Physical Education and Sports and Steve Davis, national under 19 coach, we have been having Saturday camps for children under 10.


The JaVA National U13 Primary School finals will take place on February 1.  On January 2 and 12, the JaVA held trials for its youth girls’ programs.  We had over 42 young girls attend.  We were pleased with the response, as we now have a database that we can work with establish a consistent training program.


As we did last year, the Chinese and Jamaican Governments have entered their second year of a three-year partnership, which saw a team of 15 young ladies travelling to China for a two (2) month extensive training program. 


The coach that trained the girls in China, is now in Jamaica for a one (1) month (January 2-23) selection process for China in the summer for two (2) months. The team of 15 girls, will be accompanied by a coach and a manager.  In order to further expose our female coaches and improve their technical skills, we again chose one of our newly certified FIVB Level 1 coaches to accompany the girls to China.


Realising that there is large technical deficiency between high school athletes and their ability to transition to the national program, the JaVA will be hosting a workshop for high school coaches on January 18.  The workshop will have both a theoretical and practical component, with the theoretical being conducted by our local national coaches, and the coach from China conducting the practical.


The JaVA will be staging a beach tournament on January 19-20.  This tournament will also be used to scout new talent that can transition to our national program.  A similar youth tournament will be held later this year.