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Christian Thondike named MVP at NORCECA U19


SAN JOSE, Costa Rica, June 10, 2018.- Cuban setter Christian Thondike was named the Most Valuable Player of the NORCECA U19 Boys’ Continental Championship while carrying his team to winning their fifth title on Sunday night at Gimnasio Nacional of San José Costa Rica.


Cuba’s unbeaten record was carried out by remarkable players that were honored with several individual awards and conforming the All Stars teams except for the Best Libero that was handed out to Jordan Carcache of Nicaragua.


Christian Thondike also won the awards of Best Setter with 6.33% of effectively and Best Server with a total of 11 aces.


The two Outside Hitters awards were granted to José Miguel Gutiérrez and Víctor Andrés respectively, while Luis Allen and Yeyco Jiménez received the awards for first and second Middle Blockers. Alexei Ramírez was the Best Opposite.


In other awards, Cuban Ricardo Gomez was the Best Receiver and Nicaraguan Jordan Carcache received a second award as Best Digger of the event.


From Guatemala, David Ismalej topped all scorers with 66 points as the Best Scorer.


Final Standings: 1. Cuba; 2. Estados Unidos; 3. Puerto Rico; 4. Guatemala; 5. Nicaragua; 6. Costa Rica; 7. Honduras.


Individual Awards

Most Valuable Player Christian Thondike, Cuba

1st Outside Hitter José Miguel Gutiérrez, Cuba

2nd Outside Hitter Víctor Andreu, Cuba

1st Middle Blocker Luis Allen, Cuba

2nd Middle Blocker Yeyco Jiménez, Cuba

Setter Christian Thondike, Cuba

Opposite Player Alexei Ramírez, Cuba

Libero Jordan Carcache, Nicaragua

Best Scorer David Ismalej, Guatemala

Best Server Christian Thondike, Cuba

Best Digger Jordan Carcache, Nicaragua

Best Receiver Ricardo Gomez, Cuba