Costa Rica wins 3-1 over El Salvador

BELIZE CITY, August 8, 2018 - Costa Rica dominated El Salvador 3-1 (25-16, 21-25, 25-15, 25-12) as they sought to clinch another title at 20th Central American women’s volleyball championships in the 14th game in Belize City.

Costa Rica had the advantage in all aspects of the game: 48-32 on spikes, 9-3 on blocks, and 13 - 3 on aces served. They gained 26 points by their opponents’ mistakes, but returned the favour by 28 unforced errors.

The outside hitters Yuliana González and Tannia Carazo led the attack, both scoring 26 points; Gonzalez hammering 24 spikes, 1 block and 1 ace; Carazo with 18 kills, 3 blocks and serving 3 aces. Outside hitter Gabriela Funes led El Salvador with 13 points: 10 spikes, 1 block and 2 aces.

Costa Rica’s coach Cesar Salas Salazar said “I’m happy with the win, it was an all-out offensive. I must congratulate El Salvador. They were a big surprise for me in every sense. We had a clear advantage in the serve, which helped us a lot, especially in the third and fourth sets. This gave us the chance to recover balls for a strong counterattack.”

Team captain Tannia Carazo explained: “we tried to control the game with our serve, an in the last sets, we were able to win them by bringing down the hammer with our serves. And we’re happy with the win!”

El Salvador’s coach Ingrid Rivas congratulated Costa Rica on their victory: “we knew they are a very strong team. We know that Central America has always been their hunting ground, where if they don’t dominate, they emerge as the best team in play. The pressure and our emotions had a lot to do with the result; I believe it made us fall off by 100 per cent in the game. We were able to take advantage of the weaknesses that we detected, which helped us win the second set. We look to make the most of the game, and we’ll see how it plays out.”

Setter Laura Villalobos admitted: “I believe it was a very hard game, and we were unable to win. I felt like we never really got going that we never played at our maximum. Costa Rica was tough and always a very strong team.”