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Cuba to field three teams per gender in Varadero


VARADERO, Cuba, April 25, 2018 – Cuba will be represented by three teams per gender when the Varadero Beach Volleyball Tournament gets underway next Friday with teams hailing from fifteen countries, including Colombia in the men´s division as special guest.


The men’s duo of Colombians Edgardo Cuello and Alex Cuesto received an invitation to join the competition as they prepare to host the Central American and Caribbean Games in Barranquilla this summer.


Cuba’s powerful duos of Nivaldo Díaz and Sergio González and Daisel Quesada and Karell Peña are among the men’s event favorites together with USA’s Reid Priddy and Troy Field who are coming from two second places in Aguascalientes and La Paz, Mexico.


Díaz and Gonzalez have been crowned at home for the last three years and they surely will be going after a fourth title in a row.


The USA Team of Mackenzie Ponnet and Kimberly Smith are considered the strongest duo in the women’s field as they are on a hot streak winning in Aguascalientes and finishing second in La Paz.


Mexican Martha Revuelta, who won in La Paz and with Zaira Orellana, is scheduled to play with Zaira Huerta as her partner this time.

Eighteen teams are registered to play in the men’s competition and seventeen will battle in the women’s segment.


Men’s Teams

CANADA (Sergei Grabovsky/Fiodar Kazhamiaka), CAYMAN ISLANDS-A (Roy Ebanks/Nathan Dack), CAYMAN ISLANDS-B (Casey Santamaría/Jasse Parham), COLOMBIA (Edgardo Cuello/Alex Cuesto), CUBA-A (Nivaldo Díaz/Sergio González), CUBA-B (Dasiel Quesada/Karell Peña), CUBA-C (Luis Rodríguez/José Aguilera), CURACAO-A (Giandro Tokaay/Henrich Daal), CURACAO-B (Gilbert Paulina/Quinten Anthony), DOMINICAN REPUBLIC (Víctor Castillo/Jamel Alesandre), GUATEMALA (Andy Leonardo/Erick Garrido), HONDURAS (Kevin Flores/Juan Menjivar), JAMAICA (Triston Hitchman/Noley Ferguson), NICARAGUA (Rubén Mora/Dany López), PUERTO RICO (Juan Ribas/Daniel Quiñones), UNITED STATES-A (Reid Priddy/Troy Field), UNITED STATES-B (Chase Frishman/Avery Drost), U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS (Edward Peter/Carlos Rosa).


Women’s Teams

CANADA-A (Marie LaPointe/Charlotte Sider), CANADA-B (Armanda Harnett/Kacie MacTavish), CAYMAN ISLANDS (Stefanie Gandolfi/Ileam Powery), CUBA-A (Arlin Hecheverria/Yanisleidis Sánchez), CUBA-B (Leila Martínez/Mailen Deliz, CUBA-C (Thalia Enamorado/Amanda Armenteros), DOMINICAN REPUBLIC (Yaniris Miller/Alondra Berroa), GUATEMALA (Paola Alvarado/María Juárez), HONDURAS (Marissa Brandy/Jarisa Hynds), JAMAICA (Kai Wright/Lisanne Roofe), MEXICO (Zaira Huerta/Martha Revuelta), NICARAGUA (Swan Mendoza/Lolette Rodríguez), PUERTO RICO (Allanis Nava/María González), TRINIDAD & TOBAGO (LaTeisha Joseph/Suraya Chase), UNITED STATES-A (Kelly Larsen/Emily Stockman), UNITED STATES-B (Mackenzie Ponnet/Kimberly Smith), U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS (Manika Charles/Amber Bennett).