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Cuban Miguel Angel Lopez fine-tuned tools in Argentina


San Juan, Argentina, April 15, 2020 – The third season playing in the Argentinean Volleyball League proved to be the one when the talented Cuban Miguel Angel Lopez fine-tuned his multiple tools for the sport.


The third best scorer and fifth best server in the regular season, Lopez was one of the key players who carried UPCN Voley San Juan into the semifinals of the shortened league due to the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19.


Fresh from turning 23 years-old on March 25, Lopez played his first two seasons in Argentina for Gigantes del Sur before finally displaying his awesome arsenal with UPCN.


“I left in debt with my first team for two seasons because we were not able to make the semifinals,” said Lopez from the house he has been lodged by his local club. “This year I was convinced we had all you need to be champions.”


“My three years here helped my development so much as my coaches Camilo Soto with Gigantes and Fabián Armoa of UPCN have got the best out of me and both have been keys in my progress,” Lopez said.


The always present explosive jump in his attacks and serves has become the trademark for Lopez who has played in the U19 and U21 world championships and also the 2016 Rio Olympics.


After his success in Argentina, Lopez feels prepared to make the jump to higher stages so his plans are now to move to Sada Cruzeiro of Brazil next season.


“Now I feel prepared to face the demands of any league,” he confidently sounded. “I have had some conversations with Sada Cruzeiro, one of the top five clubs in the world. The advance to the Brazilian Super League should be very important for my further development.”


One routine of exercises designed by the physical trainer of his team has helped Lopez to stay active as he waits for the quarantine period come to an end and thus the chance go back to Cuba.


“I have space to train and the rest of the time I watch some TV Series and playing Play Station”, he says. “That’s what I do these days, resting and trying to relax the most to see if this thing (the pandemic) goes as quick as possible.”


Lopes often talks to his family in Cuba made up of his parents and sisters in Cuba and also keeps contact with the Cuban Volleyball Federation.