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Cuban teams top seeded at Aguascalientes


AGUASCALIENTES, Mexico, April 12, 2018. -  Cuban teams of Karell Peña and Dasiel Quesada in the men’s field and Maylen De La Caridad Delis alongside Leila Martínez in women are top seeded at the first leg of the 2018 NORCECA Beach Volleyball Circuit hosted by Aguascalientes, Mexico.


Daymian Stewart, director of the competition, announced the pool distribution during the technical meeting according to FIVB ranking and the official registration of fourteen teams per gender taking part in the competition.


Teams were divided in four pools, with two groups consisting of three teams and two of four teams. The top two teams from each pool will advance into quarterfinals.


Actions get started on Friday at 9:00 am (local time) with simultaneous Pool A matches featuring Zaira Orellana/Martha Revuelta (MEX-B) facing Ileann Powery/ Marissa Harrison of Cayman Islands in the women’s division, and Jamel Alessandre/Victor Castillo of Dominican Republic playing to Kemoroy Percival /Rohan Jeffers of St. Kitts and Nevis in the men’s tournament.


The eleventh edition of the prestigious Beach Volleyball tournament will be held at San Marcos Island for the first time ever as part of their annual festival that attracts thousands of visitors every year.


Women Pool Composition

Pool A: Cuba (Maylen De La Caridad Delis/Leila Martínez), Cayman Islands (Ileann Powery/ Marissa Harrison), Mexico-B (Zaira Orellana/Martha Revuelta)

Pool B: Canada-A (Charlotte Sider/ Marie-Christine LaPointe), Canada-B (Helene Rancourt/Sarah-Jeanne Meunier-Bedard), Dominican Republic (Yaniris Miller/Alondra Berroa)

Pool C: Nicaragua (Swan Mendoza/Lolette Rodríguez), Trinidad &Tobago (Suraya Chase/ LaTeisha Joseph/), Mexico-A (Cinthya Cruz/ Claudia Ríos), United States-B (Brittany Howard/Kelly Reeves)

Pool D: Mexico-C (María José Quintero/ Stephanie Burnside), U.S. Virgin Islands (Melanie Valenciana/Katherine Wanket), Guatemala (Paola Alvarado/María Juárez) United States-A (Mackenzie Ponnet/Kimberly Smith)


Men Pool Composition

Pool A: Cuba (Karell Peña/ Dasiel Quesada), Dominican Republic (Jamel Alessandre/Victor Castillo), St Kitts & Nevis (Kemoroy Percival/Rohan Jeffers)

Pool B: Canada-A (Aaron Nusbaum/ Mike Plantinga), United States-B (Eric Zaun/Edwin Ratledge), El Salvador (Carlos Escobar/David Vargas)

Pool C: Canada-2 (Fiodar Kazhamiaka/ Sergey Grabovsky), Guatemala (Luis García/Erick Garrido), United States-A (William Reid Priddy/Troy Field), Mexico-B (Germán Osuna/Leonel Garza),

Pool D: Mexico-A (Josue Gaxiola/José Angel Cardenas), Nicaragua (Rubén Mora/Dany López), Cayman Islands (Jesse Parham/Casey Santamaria),    Mexico-C (Yasutaka Sanay/Franky Hernández)