Extensive virtual meeting of CAZOVA


PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad, April 24, 2020 -   The global pandemic has impacted sports generally as we are unable to train with our respective teams and clubs, nor participate in competitions.


Most countries have been practising social distancing measures and have implemented travel restrictions which also impact the ability to participate in international events.  


As such, the board of CAZOVA had their first video conference on April 2, 2020 to discuss the impact of this Pandamic on our sport.  The major focus were the 6 tournaments planned for 2020 with the U23 men and women already had to be postponed from April to a date to be determined. 


During our meeting we also discussed the impact of the cancellation of the 2020 NORCECA development plan.  The financial support received from NORCECA, assists the National Federations with their participation in beach and Indoor volleyball as well as scholarships for education development.


As such and in an effort to keep our Member Associations informed, a ZOOM meeting was held on April 22.  We are pleased that all 14 Federations were represented at the meeting.


The meeting discussed  the effects of the coronavirus on the scheduled CAZOVA competitions and the rationale for the discontinuation of the NORCECA Development Fund for 2020.  The Federations also had an opportunity to speak about their specific situations.


The meeting was advised of the following that would impact CAZOVA:

1-No financial support for hosting of NORCECA Beach Tournaments. This would affect Cayman and Jamaica.

2-No financial support for countries hosting championships (Guadeloupe, Bahamas and Suriname)

3-No scholarship funds available.

4-Teams that had qualified to participate in the Continental Championships will not receive support for airline tickets.


The meeting lasted 1 hour and 47 minutes, with everyone sharing their views and specific issues relating to volleyball in their country, and the points above.  What was clear was that all countries are experiencing similar challenges. Based on the situation as it is now, below are the main points arising from the meeting:

1-Bahamas will no longer be able to host the CAZOVA World Championship Qualifications.

2-Suriname will only be able to host one event instead of two and as such agreed to host the Men tournament.

3-Guadeloupe is uncertain as this stage as there are many government factors which are not favourable

4-Jamaica and Cayman Islands will no longer be able to host a NORCECA Beach Tour

5-Based on the current situation most countries cannot give a commitment to participate in tournaments but can only decide after the Pandemic is over.


Due to COVID-19 and governments focusing on the health crisis, all members stated that their ability to seek sponsorship from private and public entities is non-existent.  Public Welfare is the priority over sports.  Most businesses are experiencing a major reduction in profits due to most countries facing some sort of quarantine and curfew.


In addition to the above, all members stated that due to social distancing regulations and the closure of all sporting facilities, training is not possible. Borders in most countries in CAZOVA have been closed indefinitely, which has also added to the uncertainty.


In conclusion it was agreed that:


1.     The current situation makes it difficult to plan. 

2.     All countries will be guided by the mandate of their respective governments


The Board of CAZOVA will meet again at the end of May so an assessment can be made of  COVID-19 and the impact on the region, specifically.  We will also request a meeting with President Marte to discuss with the CAZOVA membership the plans of NORCECA for 2020 and beyond.