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Friendship First, Competition Later

ORLANDO, Florida, July 7, 2018 – There is a fiery sport rivalry between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic who form part of the Greater Antilles whose islands are next to the other.

Nevertheless, players from the U18 Teams came together to pose for a joint photo following the decisive match of the International Division at the AAU National Volleyball Championships last week.

They embraced the diplomatic slogan of Friendship First and Competition Later when the Dominicans won the gold medal with a 2-1 victory over their Puerto Ricans opponents.

“We gladly posed with our friends from Puerto Rico because we are here not only to win medals but to make friends and exchange cultural customs,” said one of the players from the Dominican side.

Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic will compete again this year at the Pan American Cup and the Central American and Caribbean Games in Santo Domingo and Barranquilla, respectively. The countries will be represented by their senior teams.

Hopefully, the same fraternity reigns over those two events following the example set by their younger colleagues.