Record for the sixth stop in Varadero Beach


Varadero, Cuba, June 7, 2012 - The sixth phase of NORCECA Beach Volleyball Circuit starts on Friday in Varadero, the international resort east of Havana with record numbers for this event after the confirmation in the preliminary meetings of the presence of 28 pairs from 15 countries.

The men´s tournament will take place with 17 pairs of 11 competing nations, while the female tournament will host 11 pairs from seven countries, numbers that exceed the previous year when the famous beach involved 25 pairs of 12 territories of the North, Central America and Caribbean Volleyball Confederation.

The Puerto Rican Arnaldo Sanchez, director of the event, expressed his joy at the number of competitors.


"We know that the tournament will be successful, many of the competitors are from the Caribbean, an area that is developed in our confederation, so we have a lot of Caribbean flavor in this Cuban island that took us for second consecutive year with such enthusiasm and organization."


The head of the beach committee added that "rival teams such as Cuba, Guatemala, Canada, Costa Rica and Nicaragua are preparing for the Olympic qualifiers and that contribute to a level just as it should be for those who aspire to a ticket to London in the Mazatlan qualifier next 21 to 23 of June."


During the meetings of verification of documents, uniforms and other details of each country, the Control Committee welcomed Panama with great satisfaction, whose male duo debut at this stop.


Of all the players to play in the sands of Hotel Club Kawama on Friday, 14 of them repeat their assistance in the beautiful blue beach of Varadero, which confirms this scenario for future circuits not only by natural conditions, but also by the efforts of the Organizing Committee headed by the Cuban Volleyball Federation, which include glories as the Morenas del Caribe the three- time Olympic champions Idalmis Gato and Mireya Luis.

Women's teams in rank's order:
Canada 1 - Caleigh Whitaker / Melissa Humana-Paredes
Cuba 1 - Niriam Sinal / Ion Canet
Dominican Republic- Diana Peguero / Nairobi Agramonte
Nicaragua-Amalia Hernández / Lolette Rodríguez
Costa Rica 1 - Ingrid Morales / Natalia Alfaro
Cayman Islands-Jennifer Bily / Cristin Alexander
Jamaica-Nardarake Hutchinson/ Tsahai Williams
Canada 2 - Jacqueline Tait / Victoria Cowley
Costa Rica 2 - Katherine Quesada / Eugenia Ramirez
Cuba 2 - Kirenia Ballard / Onayamis Sinal
Cuba 3 - Leila Martinez-Flores Lianma

Men's teams in rank's order:
Canada 1 - Nicholas Del Bianco / Benjamin Chow
Guatemala-Andy Blanco / Erick Garrido
El Salvador, Carlos Leiva / David Vargas
Cuba 1 - Karel Piña / Sergio Gonzalez
St. Lucia- Julian Bissette / Joseph Clercent
Virgin Islands-Marc Lomeli / Anthony Pippen
Nicaragua-Gerald Umana / Dany Lopez
Cayman Islands-Philippe Deslandes / Olney Thompson
Costa Rica 1 - Julio Álvarez / Luis Sandoval
Honduras- Jesus Oliva / Manuel Serrano