Young Cuban duo surprise experienced Costa Rican girls

Varadero, Cuba, June 8, 2012. - The surprising victory of the young duo of Cuba-3 (Leila Martinez / Lianma Flores) over the experienced duo of Costa Rica (Ingrid Morales / Natalia Alfaro) colored the first day of the sixth stage of NORCECA Circuit beach volleyball in Varadero.

Leila and Lianma put flavor to the attractive play field nearby Club Kawama and imposed their rhythm with closed partials won by 21-19, 19-21 and 15-13 to one of the renowned partners in the area, qualified to the Pre-Olympic in Mazatlan, Mexico, scheduled from June 21 to 23.


This group B is led by local stars Niriam Sinal / Ion Canet, gold in Chiapas and bronze in Toluca, which opened today with a victory over his fellow novices (21-11, 21-14) and closed also successful against Canada 2 (Jacqueline Tait / Victoria Cowley) 21-6 and 21-10.

In the A, with only three duets, Jamaica (Nardarake Hutchinson / Tsahai Williams) was the victim of Cayman Islands (Jennifer Bily / Cristin Alexander), who won 21-14 and 21-9, and of Canada 1 (Caleigh Whitaker / Melissa Humana-Paredes), who won by 21-10 and 21-9.

The battle continues on Saturday to advance to the quarterfinals. The qualified will be the first two pairs from each group and the two best third places.


Women’s results on Friday: Pool A: CAY d. JAM (21-14, 21-9), CAN-1 d. JAM (21-10, 21-9). Pool B: CUB-1 d. CUB-3 (21-11, 21-14), CRC-1 d. CAN-2 (21-17, 22-20), CUB-1 d. CAN-2 (21-6, 21-10), CUB-3 d. CRC-1 (21-19, 19-21, 15-13). Pool C: CUB-2 d DOM (21-16, 21-13), NCA d. CRC-2 (21-16, 21-16), DOM d. CRC-2 (21-17, 22-24, 15-10), CUB-2 d. NCA (21-19, 21-23, 15-11).