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La Paz welcomes the NORCECA Beach Volleyball Circuit


LA PAZ, Mexico, April 7, 2017 – Great enthusiasm around the beach volleyball fans can be perceived in this city located in the southern part of the state of Baja California Sur with the arrival of the teams about to participate in the first stop of the 2017 NORCECA Circuit, where 12 male pairs and 9 female duos hailing from 9 countries will battle for the medals starting on Friday.


This is the second time the city welcomes the best beach volleyball of NORCECA and the people are avid for the actions to kick off in the coastal zone of the city, where two playing courts have been set up to comply with the programmed schedule of the matches.


Previously on Thursday, a press conference took place where the general director of the Sport Institute of Baja California Sur, Jose Avila Geraldo, welcomed the members of the NORCECA committee, led by Angel Rivas as representative of the institution, and Steve Owen, the director of the competition.


During the meeting with the media, Avila Geraldo said the people of Baja California Sur are pleased with receiving for the second year in a row this beach volleyball festival, especially with the arrival of big stars of the sport, which guarantees a good show for the fans, and also expressing gratitude to NORCECA for granting the hosting rights.


Following the press conference, teams were registered and in the afternoon the technical meeting took place where details of the organization were informed by Rivas and Owen, while Miguel Ramirez took a turn as referee manager. Hilda Gaxiola represented the Mexican Volleyball Federation and each member of the teams received the official uniforms from the organizing committee.


Women’s Teams


Canada-A (Brandie Wilkerson/Heather Bansley), Canada-B (Kristina May/Taylor Pischke), Costa Rica (Valerie Valenciano/Marcela Anaya), Cuba (Lidianis Echevarria/Leila Martinez), Mexico-A (Ana Rios/Zaira Orellana), Mexico-B (Claudia Rios/Xitlali Herrera), Nicaragua (Swan Mendoza/Lolette Rodriguez), United States-A (Kelly Larsen/Betsi Flint), United States-B (Hochevar/Emily Day).


Men’s Teams


Canada-A (Aaron Nusbaum/Ryan Vandeburg), Canada-B (Michael Plantinga/Grant O’Gorman), Costa Rica (Jonathan Guevara-Sebastian Valenciano), Cuba (Karell Peña-Daisel Quesada), Guatemala (Andy Leonardo/Luis Betancourt), Mexico-A (Jose Rubio/Josue Gaxiola), Mexico-B (Lombardo Ontiveros/Juan Virgen), Nicaragua (Dany Lopez/Ruben Mora), Trinidad & Tobago (Daneil Williams/Marlon Phillip), United States-A (Skylar Del Sol/Jon Mesko), United States-B (Reid Priddy/Stafford Slick), U.S. Virgin Islands (Brian Kwasny/Dillon Lesniak).