Mexico and USA with two teams in quarterfinals


SEVEN MILES BEACH, Grand Cayman, March 26, 2011 – Mexico and USA will have their two women’s teams battling in the quarterfinals of the Cayman Islands Beach Volleyball Tournament being played at the beautiful Seven Miles Beach.


Martha Revuelta and Xitlali Herrera of Mexico-1 continued with their impressive play on Saturday when they crushed Lolette Rodriguez and Valeska Hernandez of Nicaragua 21-7, 21-13 to make it into the round of the eight finalists.


Meanwhile, the team of Vanessa Virgen and Cinthia Cruz of Mexico-2 advanced with a 21-17, 21-19 close victory over Gina and Ginette Selmo del Rosario of Dominican Republic.


Brooke Hanson and Lauren Fenarick of USA-1 entered the quarterfinals with 21-12, 21-4 demolition work against Beatriz Rivera and Yaileen Torres of Puerto Rico-2 while Brittany Hochevar and Jennifer Fopma edged Kacie MacTavish and Julie Rodrigue of Canada-2 by score of 22-24, 25-23, 15-10 in a sensational battle.


Other teams still in competition are Guatemala with Maria Orellana and Lourdes Ramirez, Costa Rica with Natalia Alfaro and Ingrid Morales, Canada-1 with Heather Bansley and Elizabeth Maloney and defending champions Yarleen Santiago and Dariam Acevedo of Puerto Rico-1.


The matches of Sunday morning have Puerto Rico-1 v United States-2, Mexico-1 v Costa Rica, Canada-1 v Guatemala and Mexico-2 v United States-1.


Saturday’s Women Results:


Pool A: MEX-2 d. CAY (21-13, 21-12), PUR-1 d. JAM (21-14, 21-10). Pool B: USA-1 d. ESA (21-7, 21-7), CAN-2 d. NCA (21-9, 21-19). Pool C: USA-2 d. SKN (21-13, 21-9), CAN-1 d. TRI (21-9, 21-17). Pool D: CRC d. DOM (21-14, 21-13), HON d. ISV (21-0, 21-0). Pool E:  PUR-2 d. BAR (21-12, 21-12), MEX-1 d. GUA (21-14, 21-9).


Main Draw: USA-2 d. CAN-2 (22-24, 25-23, 15-10), MEX-1 d. NCA (21-7, 21-13), CRC d. TRI (21-8, 21-14), CAN-1 d. HON (21-10, 21-5), GUA d. JAM (21-12, 21-11), MEX-2 d. DOM (21-17, 21-19), USA-1 d. PUR-2 (21-12, 21-4).