Cayman Islands Tournament opens 2012 NORCECA Circuit

GRAND CAYMAN, Cayman Islands - March 20, 2012 – The 2012 NORCECA Beach Volleyball Circuit once again kicks off in the beautiful Seven Miles Beach from March 23 to 25 with the participation of 18 and 15 women’s and men’s teams respectively.

For the fourth consecutive year, the Cayman Islands Tournament is the first of NORCECA Beach Circuit that this year includes a record of 16 double-gender tournaments in 11 different countries. Two small countries from the Caribbean –Antigua and Saint Lucia- are hosting one event for the first time.

“The NORCECA Circuit continues growing and the beach volleyball is becoming more and more popular in the region, especially after the Continental Cup and the chance to participate for many countries,” Technical Director Arnaldo Sanchez said.

“Cayman Islands event is the first tournament of the year and the organizers make improvements every year,” he added. “This is one of the best stops and one spectacular scene with a lot of fans.”

The 2011 edition of the event saw Americans Brooke Hanson and Lauren Fendick picking up the women’s gold medal while Canadians Richard Van Huizen and Josh Binstock claimed the top place in the men’s competition.

Hanson/Fendick took home the gold medal after defeating Mexico’s Martha Revuelta and Xitlali Herrera in straight sets (21-13, 21-14) while the duo of Van Huizen/Bistock beat Puerto Rico’s Roberto Rodriguez and Christopher Underwood 2-0 (21-19, 21-14).

The women’s registered teams are the following:
Sharon Payne/Rosemarie Simon (ANT), Kacie MacTavish/Julie Rodrigue (CAN-A), Jamie Broder/Victoria Altomare (CAN-B), Jennifer Bily/Cristin Alexander (CAY-A), Nairobi Agramonte/Diana Peguero (DOM), Diana Romero/Marcela Ávalos (ESA), Veronique Berthelot/Cecile Pougeol (FSM), Susana Alvarado/Anna Lourdes Ramirez (GUA), Sadia Baptiste/Jamilla Lansiquot (LCA), Tsahai Williams/Nardarake Hutchinson (JAM-A), Cherine Richards/Cheryl Daley (JAM-B), Martha Revuelta/Vanessa Virgen (MEX-A), Bibiana Candelas/Mayra Garcia (MEX-B), Yarleen Santago/Yamileska Yantin (PUR), , Brenda Allen/Shanicia Dyer (SKN), Ayana Dyette/Elki Phillip (TRI) and Jennifer Snyder/Heather Hughes (USA-A), Michelle Moriarty/Traci Weamer (USA-B).

The men’s registered teams are the following:
Collin Thomas/Angus Gittens (ANT), Samuel Schachter/Maverick Hatch (CAN-A), Josh Binstock/Martin Reader (CAN-B), Shervin Rankin/Richard Thomas (CAY-A), Olney Thompson/Andrew Gordon (CAY-B), German Recio/Luis Adames (DOM), Luis Morales/Carlos Escobar (ESA), Christophe Covini/Alain Pensiot (FSM), Andy Leonardo/Erick Garrido (GUA), Hector Belardo/Jerall Nicholas (ISV), Julien Biscette/Gillan Octave (LCA), Roberto Rodriguez/Eric Haddock (PUR), Sean Seabrookes/ St. Clair Hodge (SKN), Fabien Whitfield/Simon Blake (TRI), Steve Vanderwerp/James Drost (USA).

The 2012 NORCECA Beach Volleyball Circuit Schedule:
Cayman Islands (March 23-25), Guatemala (March 30-April 1), Boca Chica, Dominican Republic (April 6-8), Miami, USA (May 4-6 or July 12-14), Colima, Mexico (May 11-13), Chiapas, Mexico (May 18-20), State of Mexico (May 26-28), Varadero, Cuba (June 8-10), Puerto Rico (August 24-26), San Diego, USA (September 28-30), Punta Cana, Dominican Republic (September 21-23), Trinidad and Tobago (October 12-14), Antigua (October 19-21), Saint Lucia (October 26-28), Puerto Rico (October 9-11) and Panama (November 23-25).