Guatemala welcomes the NORCECA Beach Circuit


GUATEMALA CITY, Guatemala, March 28, 2012 – The second leg of the 2012 NORCECA Beach Volleyball Circuit will be held next weekend at Campo Marte in downtown of Guatemala City with the participation of 16 men’s duos and 11 women’s pairs.


The teams are scheduled to arrive on Wednesday with the preliminary enquiry and general technical meeting to take place on Thursday.


The Guatemala Beach Volleyball Tournament is among the most popular annual sport events in the country and thousands of fans are expected to attend during the three-day competition.


Last year’s event saw the experienced duos of Mexicans Aldo Miramontes and Juan Virgen in the men’s field and Canadians Heather Bansley and Elizabeth Maloney claiming the gold medals.


Miramontes/Virgen won a sensational final match against Cuba’s Karell Peña and Javier Jimenez in three sets (21-19, 20-22, 15-8) while Bansley/Maloney defeated the USA duo of Grin Grey and Jennifer Snyder in two sets (21-18, 21-16).


The first leg of the 2012 NORCECA Beach Volleyball Circuit was held last weekend at Cayman Islands where Puerto Rico’s Roberto Rodriguez and Erick Haddock and Mexico’s Bibi Candelas and Mayra Garcia claimed the top honors.


“Once again we expect to have an exciting event here in Guatemala with excellent crowds and top-class organization,” technical director Arnaldo Sanchez said. “We had a terrific start in Cayman Islands and I am looking forward to repeat the experience here.”


Men’s teams: Carl Williams/Rawle Lee (Antigua), Muller Petir/Renaldo Knowles (Bahamas), Germaine Audinet/Ernest Broaster (Belize), David Toussaint/Jullian Seraphine (Dominica), William Sanchez/German Recio (Dominican Republic), Luis Morales/Carlos Escobar (El Salvador), Andy Blanco/Erick Garrido (Guatemala-1), Julio Recinos/Luis Garcia (Guatemala-2), Walter Sanchez/Manuel Serrano (Honduras), Gatasheu Bonner/Mark Lewis (Jamaica), Winston Calderon/David Mayorga (Nicaragua), Roberto Rodriguez/Pablo Guzman (Puerto Rico), Carl Collins/Kemoroy Percival (Saint Kitts and Nevis), Cluevvan Cumberbatch/Daryl Franklin (Saint Vincent and Grenadines), Fabien Whitfield/Daneil Williams (Trinidad and Tobago), Tony Pray /John Matt Heagy (United States).


Women’s teams: Anthazia Mason/Shari Mathews (Barbados), Anna Xavier/Catherine Francis (Dominica), Diana Peguero/Nairobi Agramonte (Dominican Republic), Diana Romero/Marcela Ávalos (El Salvador), Susana Alvarado(Anna Lourdes Ramirez (Guatemala-1), Nadia Galán/Ana Villagrán (Guatemala-2), Elia Torres/Swan Mendoza (Nicaragua), Brenda Allen/Shanicia Dyer (San Cristóbal y Nevis), Nikita Campbell/Ladonna Woodley (San Vicente y Grenadinas), Jenny Kropp/Whitney Pavlik (United States), Khrysta Peter/Jamie Farley (U.S. Virgin Islands).