Dolphins Visit NORCECA Tournament


CHIAPAS, Mexico, May 13, 2011 - As if to welcome all participants in the fourth stage of the 2011 NORCECA Beach Volleyball Circuit, several dolphins “greeted” the nearly 500 spectators who arrived early in the day at the beachside court of Puerto Arista, Chiapas, Mexico.


For several minutes some of the spectators stopped watching the game taking place at that moment to appreciate another show of nature that seems to be now a part of the Circuit throughout the sport season.


“I had never seen them before and it’s so exciting to be so close to these animals,” commented an excited fan who said to be looking forward to this event as she came from another village called Chapa de Corzo, home to another natural wonder: the Sumidero Canyon.


Activities continue this Saturday during the second round, when some additional surprises may be expected not only from the courts but also from the wonderful Pacific Ocean in Mexico.