Mayor of Boca Chica makes Ceremonial First Serve


BOCA CHICA, Dominican Republic, October 4, 2019 – The Mayor of Boca Chica Carolina Dennis made the ceremonial first serve to officially open the Hamaca NORCECA Finals Beach Volleyball Tournament.


Mayor Dennis pronounced a few words to encourage players to give their best so people in Boca Chica can enjoy their best game.


Dennis made the first serve before the match between the United States-A Team of Kerri Walsh Jennings and Brooke Sweat and the pair from Antigua formed by Rosemarie Simon and Mali Peters.


Ramón Alexis García, president of the Dominican Volleyball Federation and Mireya Luis, president of the Organizing Committee, accompanied Mayor Dennis for the opening ceremony.


Players from 18 countries are taking part in the event that for second year in a row is hosted by Hamaca Hotel in Boca Chica, 20 miles to the east of Santo Domingo.