NORCECA Beach Tour returns to Cayman Islands


GRAND CAYMAN, Cayman Islands, April 25, 2019. - The NORCECA Beach Volleyball Tour returns to Cayman Islands from April 26 to 28 at beautiful Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman.


After a gap year, the Cayman Islands Volleyball Federation presided by Mr. Kennedy McGowan is ready to host the NORCECA Tour for the tenth year and is eager to put its best effort for an extraordinary comeback tournament.


“We are proud to have you all once again here in Cayman Islands, I want to thank the federation’s staff and the organizing committee for helping in making this event another successful tournament for the tenth year” said Kennedy McGowan.


Eighteen teams per gender have registered to take part of the competition, representing fifteen countries, divided in four pools for the preliminary round. The top two teams in each pool will move into the next round and advance to the top eight.  


Coming from Aguascalientes, the first stage of the NORCECA tour, are gold medalists Maylen Deliz and Leila Martinez from Cuba and bronze medalists Falyn Fonoimoana with Nicolette Martin of United States in the women’s field; also in the men’s division, silver medalists Juan Virgen and Lombardo Ontiveros of Mexico and Cubans Sergio Gonzalez alongside Luis Enrique Reyes bronze medal winners


The long program was presented during the general technical meeting, conducted by Competition Director Ed Drakich accompanied by McGowan and the other members of the NORCECA control committee.


The competition starts every day at 8:00 am (local time), the preliminary round takes place on Friday and part of Saturday, semifinals and finals are scheduled on Sunday, followed by the awarding ceremony.


Women pool composition

Pool A: Brittany Hochevar / Carly Wopat (USA-A); La-Teisha Joseph/Malika Davidson (TTO); May Devon/ Rian Lenarduzzi (CAN-A); Amber Bennett /Lisa Dietrich Lisa (ISV-A); Jessica Wolfenden/ Stefania Gandolfi (CAY-A).

Pool B: Zaira Orellana /Martha Revuelta (MEX); Brenda Allen Edinborough Brenda/Shanicia Dyer (SKN); Kathya Vasquez/Ma. Fernanda Vargas (ESA); Paola Alvarado/Estefanie Bethancourt (GUA); Petal Smith/Kai Wright (JAM).

Pool C: Valeria Valenciano/Marcela Araya (CRC); Maylen Deliz/Leila Martínez (CUB); Angjeny Tolentino/Christine Anthony (CUR);  Melanie Valenciana/Jade Vitt  (ISV).

Pool D: Anna Dunn-Suen/Caleigh Cruickshank (CAN); Marissa Harrison Marissa/Ileann Powery (CAY); Swan Mendoza/Elia Machado (NCA); Harrison Marissa/Nicolette Martin (USA-B).


Men pool composition

Pool A: Juan Virgen Juan/Lombardo Ontiveros Lombardo (MEX); Daneil Theodore/Issac Joel (TTO); Ivan Reka Ivan/ Simon Fecteau-Boutin (CAN); Richard Campbell/Nathan Dack (CAY); Markiel Simpson/Christopher Walters (JAM).

Pool B: Sergio González/Luis Enrique Reyes (CUB); Jake MacNeil/William Hoey (CAN); St. Clair Hodge/Shawn Seabrookes (SKN); Marc Lomeli/Austin Pippen (ISV-A); Brian Kwasny/Gabriel Ospina (ISV-B).

Pool C: Jon Isaacs/Kyle Wilson BAH; Carlos Escobar/David Vargas (ESA); Ruben Mora/Dany López (NCA); Benjamin Vaught/Spencer Sauter (USA).

Pool D: Casey Santamaria/Jesse Parhan (CAY); Fabian Quintero/Sebastian Valenciano (CRC); Victor Castillo/Alex Median (DOM); Andy Leonardo/Luis García (GUA).