NORCECA Beach event in Boca Chica is underway

BOCA CHICA, Dominican Republic, October 4, 2018 – The fifth stop of the NORCECA Beach Volleyball Circuit gets underway on Friday on the white sands of Boca Chica, 20 miles to the east of Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic.

The event grants FIVB points and some of the best players of the region are taking part in it looking to add to their current tally.

The general technical meeting took place on Thursday night at La Perla Room of Be Live Hamaca Hotel, the official site of the competition.

A total of 112 matches will be held over the weekend and teams are guaranteed of playing at least five contests.

Daymian Stewart, the technical director, announced that matches will start at 8:00 a.m. while the last match of day one will start at 8:30 p.m.

Mireya Luis, vice president of NORCECA and FIVB, pronounced the welcoming words to the players on behalf of Cristobal Marte Hoffiz, who is currently in Japan accompanying the Dominican team participating in the women’s world championship

Amos Anglade took a turn to wish all the athletes good luck and a pleasant stay while in the Dominican Republic.

Women’s Teams in Boca Chica

Canada-A (Nicole McNamara/Megan McNamara), Canada-B (Sarah Pavan/Melisa Humana-Paredes), Colombia (Ingrid López/Patricia Jaraba), Costa Rica (Marcela Araya/Eugenia Ramírez), Cuba (Arlin Hechavarría/Yanisleidis Sánchez), Dominican Republic-A (Alondra Reyes/Julibeth Veras), Dominican Republic-B (Johanna Alcántara/De Anny de la Cruz), El Salvador (Kathya Vásquez/Fernanda Vargas), Guatemala (Natalia Girón/Estefanie Bethancourt), Jamaica (Kai Wright/Sashalee Wallen), Mexico-A (Stephanie Burnside/María Quintero), Mexico-B (Martha Revuelta/Zaira Orellana), Nicaragua (Swan Mendoza/Socorro López), Puerto Rico (Blanca Torres/Alexandra Rivera), St Kitts & Nevis (Brenda Allen//Shanicia Dyer), Trinidad & Tobago-A (Rheeza Grant/Abby Blackman), Trinidad & Tobago-B (Suraya Chase/La Teisha Joseph), United States-A (Alexandra Klineman/April Ross), United States-B (Kelley Larsen/Emily Stockman), U.S. Virgin Islands (Cristina Almeida-Anz/Melanie Valenciana.

Men’s Teams in Boca Chica

Aruba (Angela Fransua/Anthoni Darvick), Bahamas (Jon Isaacs/Wilson Kile), Canada-A (Sam Pellow/Sam Schachter), Canada-B (Ben Saxton/Grant O’Gorman), Colombia (Rivas Sneider/Sebastian Denis), Costa Rica (Richard Smith/Bryan Monge), Cuba (Luis Enrique Reyes/Karell Peña), Dominican Republic-A (Alex Medina/Jamel Jeambatis), Dominican Republic-B (Rolphy Castillo/Jean Carlos Espinal), El Salvador (Carlos Escobar/David Vargas), Guatemala (Andy Leonardo/Luis García), Jamaica (Noley Ferguson/Tristan Hitchman), Mexico-A (Josué Gaxiola/José Rubio), Nicaragua (Rubén Mora/Dany López), Puerto Rico (Cristian Encarnación/Daniel Quiñones), St Kitts & Nevis (Shawn Seabrookes/Rohan Jeffers), Trinidad & Tobago-A (Isaac Theodore/Marlon Phillip), Trinidad & Tobago-B (Daneil Williams/Daynte Stewart), United States-A (William Allen/Ryan Doherty), United States-B (Erick Zaun/James Avery Drost), U.S. Virgin Islands (Lesniak Dillon/Smith Hylas).