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NORCECA reaches TV agreement with AYM to show volleyball at its best


SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico, March 5, 2017 – AYM Sports and NORCECA Volleyball Confederation reached a three-year agreement to produce TV and Online Streaming of the top volleyball competition in the Americas.


The top national teams from the Americas compete every year in different age-group categories all over the continent under the umbrella of NORCECA as the regional governing institution of the sport.


NORCECA TV will be available to Pay-per-view TV systems and through a web platform, following major sports worldwide broadcasting strategy.


“New technology leads us up to this incredible opportunity to showcase the top male and female volleyball teams of the Americas representing their countries,” announced the parts in a joint press release.


At first to access the live coverage of the 2017 NORCECA TV package users must sign up to, and through their own federations’ websites. But soon there will be a specific website where subscribers to the package can pay just US $50 dollars, billed to their credit cards. It will give them access to eight (8) tournaments with almost 400 matches at an average of US $0.16 per match.


The events will be offered to Pay-per-view TV systems which will soon carry the matches, making it easy for volleyball fans to enjoy it.


Individual tournaments and events will be also available.



For your convenience, weekly and monthly recurring payment packages will also be available at only US$ 1.25 and US$ 5.00.


Enjoy volleyball at its best!