Norceca`s Gran Festivals points are part of Olympic qualification


MANZANILLO, Colima. September 08, 2011.- During the technical meeting at the sixth stage of the fifth Norceca Beach Volleyball Circuit Manzanillo 2011, Mayra Huerta, Norceca confederation delegate at this tournament, and Arnaldo Sanchez, Technical Director of this competition, announced to the twelve teams that will compete in both genders, that the best results from Manzanillo, Tijuana an Puerto Vallarta will be considered to qualify to the Olympic Games.


After giving a warm welcome to al the competitors, Mayra Huerta commented that for the first time in Norceca´s history, these stages will be considered for Olympic qualification, “in response to the importance that this competition has taken in world volleyball. The best results corresponding to the stages of Manzanillo, Tijuana and Puerto Vallarta will give out points to qualify to the maximum sporting event”.


Fernando Mendoza, vicedirector of Colima´s Sport Institute, expressed that the only way to organize such an important event is to have the support of the local companies and not only from the local governments, that´s why he recognized the great work that Gran Festivall Hotel is doing with the Norceca tournament.


Mark Covarrubias, Executive Director of Gran Festivall, made a sincere recognition to the athletes, that for a whole year prepared to come back to this stage, and he wished they stay in this path, so they can come back to Manzanillo for another year.


Arnaldo Sanchez, Technical Director of Competition, considered that Gran Festivall Stadium is one of the best in Norceca Circuit, reason why he considers this tournament will be a “celebration for everyone”, thanks to the great infrastructure available at Gran Festivall.


The general referee coordinator, Miguel Ramirez, presented all the judges to the competitors and wished the best to all the delegations present in Manzanillo.


Finally, the six men´s teams were presented, starting with German Recio-Yewdis Pérez (DOM), Roberto Rodriguez-Christopher Underwood (PUR), Erick Garrido-Andy Blanco (GUA), Esteban Escobar-Bryan Monje (CRC), Aldo Miramontes-Juan Virgen (MEX1) y Ricardo Galindo-Irving Ramirez (MEX2).


In women´s fixture, Ana Ramirez-Susana Alvarado (GUA), Ingrid Morales-Natalia Alfaro (CRC), Yarleen Santiago-Darian Acevedo (PUR), Shanicia Dyer-Brenda Allen (SKN), Bibiana Candelas-Mayra Garcia (MEX1) and Vanessa Virgen-Martha Revuelta (MEX2).






09:00 hrs Roberto Rodriguez -Christopher Underwood (PUR) vs Leonardo Blanco- Erick Garrido (GUA)

09:50 hrs Yewddy Perez -German Recio (DOM) vs Ricardo Galindo e Irving Ramirez (MEX)


10:40 hours Ingrid Morales -Natalia Alfaro (CRC) vs Susana Alvarado-Anna Ramirez (GUA)

11:30 hours Bibiana Candelas -Mayra García (MEX 1) vs Shanicia Dyer-Brenda Allen (SKN)


12:10 hours Aldo Miramontes -Juan Virgen (MEX1) vs Esteban Escobar-Brian Monge (CRC)

13:00 hours Yewddy Pérez-German Recio (DOM) vs Roberto Rodríguez-Christopher (PUR)


13:50 hours Yarleen Santiago-Darian Acevedo (PUR) vs Vanesa Virgen-Martha Revuelta (MEX 2)

14:40 hours Shanicia Dyer-Brenda Allen (SKN) vs Susana Alvarado-Anna Ramirez (GUA)


15:30 hours Ricardo Galindo-Irving Ramirez (MEX2) vs Leonardo Blanco-Erick Garrido (GUA)

16:20 hours Roberto Ramirez-Christopher Underwood (PUR) vs Esteban Escobar y Brian Monge (CRC)


17:10 horas Bibiana Candelas -Mayra Garcia (MEX1) vs Ingrid Morales-Natalia Alfaro (CRC)

18:00 horas Yarleen Santiago-Darian Acevedo (PUR) vs Susana Alvarado y Anna Ramirez (GUA)



19:40 hours Aldo Miramontes-Juan Virgen (MEX 1) vs Leonel Blanco-Erick Garrido (GUA)


20:30 horas Juan Virgen-Martha Revuelta vs  Shanicia Dyer-Brenda Allen (SKN)