Mexico and Puerto Rico remain undefeated in Norceca Gran Festival 2011


MANZANILLO, Colima. September 09, 2011.-  Mexican men´s and women´s teams, represented by Aldo Miramontes and Juan Virgen in males, and Bibiana Candelas and Mayra Garcia in females, join Puerto Rico as the undefeated squads in the first day of activities at Norceca Gran Festivall Manzanillo 2011.


While Mexico 1 had victories over Costa Rica and Guatemala in men´s, and against Saint-Kitts & Nevis and Costa Rica in women´s, the Puerto Rican teams won over Costa Rica, Guatemala and Dominican Republic in men´s competition, while on women´s side, they defeated Mexico 2 and Guatemala.


The activities at Gran Festivall Stadium started soon with the match that was won by Puerto Rico`s Rodriguez-Underwood in men´s competition, defeating Guatemala´s Garrido-Blanco in two sets, 21-16/21-13.


The second was a great game, where Mexico´s youngsters Galindo-Ramirez had a great fight against Dominican Recio-Perez, in three sets, 21-12/21-23/15-11.


Costa Rica´s Morales-Alfaro defeated Guatemala´s Ramirez-Alvarado in the first women´s match of the competition, in an intense game, 21-15/19-21/15-10.


Mexico´s elite women´s team, Garcia-Candelas, debuted and won Saint-Kitts & Nevis Dyer-Allen couple, 21-7/21-12.


The present men´s champions of Manzanillo, Mexico´s elite team Miramontes-Virgen, defeated Costa Rica`s Escobar-Monge, in two sets, 21-12/21-13.


After that, in a very intense men´s match, Puerto Rico´s Rodriguez-Underwood beat Dominicans Recio-Perez in three episodes, 21-10/19-21/15-13.


Mexico´s second team debuted against the difficult Puerto Rican couple; Santiago-Acevedo defeated in two sets the Mexican second team, formed by Virgen-Revuelta, with score 21-17/21-16.


In order to continue with the women´s games at Gran Festivall Stadium, Guatemala´s Ramirez-Alvarado defeated Saint-Kitt`s Dyer-Allen, 25-23/21-10.


Mexico 2 men´s couple, Galindo-Ramirez, confronted in their second match of the day the Guatemalans Garrido-Blanco, won by the Central Americans, 21-14/23-21.


Mexicans elite team in women´s competition, conformed by Garcia-Candelas, defeated in their second presentation of the day versus Costa Rica´s Morales-Alfaro, 21-18/21-14.


In Miramar´s alternate stadium, in women´s fixture, Puerto Rico defeated Guatemala 21-16/21-13, and in men´s competition, the Puerto Ricans had another victory over Costa Rica, 22-20/21-18.


One of the most expected games of the night was the reappearance Mexico´s first team, Miramontes-Virgen, which defeated Guatemala´s Garrido-Blanco in two sets, 21-9/21-14.


The last match of the night was won by Mexico 2 in women´s, featuring Virgen-Revuelta, defeating Saint-Kitts & Nevis, 21-5/21-7.




CRC d. GUA (21-15/19-21/15-10); MEX1 d. SKN (21-7/21-12); PUR d. MEX2 (21-17/21-16); GUA d. SKN (25-23/21-10); MEX1 d. CRC (21-18/21-14); PUR d. GUA (21-16/21-13); MEX2 d. SKN (21-5/21-7).



PUR d. GUA (21-16/21-13); DOM d. MEX2 (21-12/21-23/15-11); MEX1 d. CRC (21-12/21-13); PUR d. DOM (21-10/19-21/15-13); GUA d. MEX2 (21-14/23-21); PUR d. CRC (22-20/21-18);




German Recio-Yewddy Perez (DOM)

Roberto Rodriguez-Christopher Underwood (PUR)

Erick Garrido-Andy Blanco (GUA)

Esteban Escobar-Brian Monge (CRC)

Aldo Miramontes-Juan Virgen (MEX1)

Ricardo Galindo-Irving Ramirez (MEX2)



Ana Ramirez-Susana Alvarado (GUA)

Ingrid Morales-Natalia Alfaro (CRC)

Yarleen Santiago-Darian Acevedo (PUR)

Shanicia Dyer-Brenda Allen (SKN)

Bibiana Candelas-Mayra Garcia (MEX1)

Vanessa Virgen-Martha Revuelta (MEX2)