St. Lucia takes the easy path the finals

St. Johns Antigua, August 31, 2019 - St. Lucia had an easy passage into the finals of the ECVA Male U21 championship when they dismissed 4th place St. Kitts/Nevis in straight sets (25- 11, 25 -18, 25 - 5) in the first of the two semifinals.

The script was very similar to the first time these two teams met in the regular pool play.  The St. Lucia offense had their way while the opponents struggled to keep pace. This was true of this semifinal except for the second game where the St. Kitts/Nevis team poured out their best effort. They led at 3 times different periods in the before St. Lucia was able to draw level then pull away.

St. Lucia’s Outside Hitter in Joshua Florent (10 points) and Middle Blocker Daniel Zid (9 points) did the bulk of the scoring on the individual level. The St Kitts /Nevis team aided and abetted St. Lucia’s effort by giving up 37 errors while benefitting from only 22.

Overall St. Lucia led in Spikes 23 to 9, they had the advantage in Blocks 9 to 3 and reeled off 6 Service aces while St. Kitts/Nevis did not muster any. However their efforts did not go unnoticed as Outside Hitters Zedan Clarke and Zendai Richards combined equally for 10 points 8 of them coming from spikes.

Coach Terry Verdant of St. Lucia: The game was still not to my liking it was very clear that this is a weaker team and I wanted the guys to go through the game as if it was a final, to get accustomed to a particular rhythm. Only one guy was doing exactly what we wanted the rest seem to have lost that killer instinct.

St. Lucia’s Captain Remy Kernel: We do have a killer instinct but it goes to show that whenever you are playing a weaker team it is very difficult to maintain a high standard, so it happens, we tend to get complacent. The good thing about this was that we were able to come out of it and get a more convincing victory in the 3rd set.

Coach Shawn Seabrooks of St. Kitts/Nevis was still wearing a smile.

St. Lucia did not beat us because of a potent offense, it was due to our own faults 

These came about as they were given the task of neutralizing the outside hitting of St.  Lucia. The guys focused so hard on that they missed the simple things. This game allowed me to see some extended glimpses of the potential that the guys have and apart from the third set they gave a good account of themselves improving in every game. I feel confident that they can do even better in the battle for 3 rd place”, he reported.