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Undefeated teams clash in Puerto Rican League


CAGUAS, Puerto Rico, February 17, 2017 – Criollas of Caguas and Leonas of Ponce, the two undefeated teams thus far in the Puerto Rico Women’s Volleyball Superior League will face on Friday night at Ildefonso Sola Bezares Coliseum of Caguas at 8:15.


The match will be on national television and a full house is expected for the much anticipated contest.


Caguas is in first place with 21 points and a 7-0 win-loss record and Ponce has also a 7-0 mark but with 20 points accumulated.


“This is a match that my team and I also have been anticipating because it offers the chance to evaluate the composure of the players against an opponent like Ponce,” said Juan Carlos Nunez, the coach of Caguas.  “They (Leonas) have been training for weeks and had a different preparation than the rest of the teams. I think we are going to have a lot of fans in the gym.”


“It should be a very interesting match because both teams have been playing good volleyball. Both teams are undefeated and that makes the match more attractive. Caguas is a very offensive team with the five players contributing and we have been working on the complex two in order to neutralize their offense,” said Ramon Hernandez, the coach of Ponce.


Probable lineups:

Caguas: Jennifer Nogueras (S), Karina Ocasio and Stephanie Niemer (OH), Ana Sofía Justino and Shirley Florian (MB), Annie Drews (OP) and Shara Venegas (L).


Ponce: Natalia Valentin (S), Gina Mancuso and Taylor Simpson (OH), Dulce Téllez and Janelis Torres (MB), Yozually Ortiz (OP) and Nayka Benítez (L).