Video Challenge to be used in School Volleyball in Puerto Rico


SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico, November 2, 2018 - The finals of the National School Volleyball Championship will be played on November 15 and 16 at the Antonio R. Barceló Coliseum in Toa Baja, with the innovation of the use of the 'video check' system for the first time in school history worldwide.


The finals of the Championship will be played in two days to avoid the load of matches. The Senior and Junior categories will have their finals on Thursday, November 15, while Juvenile and Mini will be held on Friday, November 16. Both days the action will begin at 4:00 PM.


"I want to thank Volileo Group for the willingness and support for the youth by providing us with the Coliseum to play the Final 8 in two days. The goal of Volileo is to turn Toa Baja into the center of Puerto Rican volleyball, with the slogan 'Volleyball All year round,' will be two big days for the Championship and all the participants, "said the general director, Arnaldo Sánchez.


The Championship will be held from November 7 to 14 at the Borinquén Coquí Cupey Volleyball Complex.


The Video Check will be used in Senior and Junior


The finals of Senior and Junior Men and Women on Thursday November 15 will be historical for school volleyball not only in Puerto Rico, it will be the first occasion that in the world is used in these categories the so-called "Video Check".


The program 'Video Check' is known in the events of the International Volleyball Federation as the 'Challenge', which gives the opportunity to the teams to evaluate dubious plays of the referees which includes: touch of the ball in the blocking, fault at the net, illegal penetration below the net, the so-called 'pancake' in the lift of the ball and the balls inside or outside the game area.


Each team is entitled to two 'Challenge' per set, by winning your challenge the options are maintained to be re-used it in the set, by losing the claim, lose one of the options.


"Excited that the Championship achieved this historic step of being the first in the world to use the 'video check' in a school volleyball event. Thanks to the administration of Volileo for providing the equipment, in addition to the digital billboards and the giant screen in the Coliseum. We are proud that we will be the first in our area and in the world to use this system in a school event ", explained Sánchez.


For the four matches that the video check will be used, Sánchez said that three referees will be used. The verification of the 'Challenge' will count with an international referee for its supervision.