Women ready to start the battle in AFECAVOL

FARALLON, Panama, November 8, 2018 - The start of the XVIII Central American Volleyball Beach Volleyball Championship at the Royal Decameron Hotel, in Farallón, Panama, promises a lot of action in the dispute of the crown in the women's tournament.

Ten couples were divided into two groups of five, from which the two best will advance to advance to the semifinal.

In group A, Costa Rica 1 will have Marcela Araya/Eugenia Ramírez; María Fernanda Vargas/Kathya Vásquez represent El Salvador; Blanca Recinos and Susana Alvarado are couple 2 of Guatemala, while Nicaragua has Scarleth Cortez/Osiris Juárez and Panama 1 are Iris Urrinaga / Yamileth Montenegro.

In Group B, Belize presents Kelsey Balderamos/Nelissa Ramírez; Costa Rica 2 with Katherine Quesada/Melisa Armijo; Guatemala 1 has Natalia Jirón / Estefanie Bethancourt; Swan Mendoza / Socorro López of Nicaragua 1 and Panama 2 with Hashlyn Cuero / Kilary Pérez.

Last year in Guatemala City, Costa Rica with Karen Cope / Natalia Alfaro won the crown by defeating María José Orellana / Blanca Recinos, from Guatemala.