Brazilian Sabbatini to conduct Coaches Courses in Jamaica



KINGSTON, Jamaica, May 19, 2015 - As the Jamaica Volleyball Association (JaVA) continues its efforts to transform volleyball into a major sport in Jamaica, the Association has moved to increase its coaching capacity through the staging of JaVA Level One Coaching Courses.


Capitalizing on the visit of International Volleyball Coach, Augusto Sabbatini of Brazil, , JaVA will first hold the course in Montego Bay from 18-22 May 2015, then in Kingston from 26-29 May 2015.


The course in Montego Bay will be conducted in partnership with Montego Bay Community College and aims to facilitate interested persons in western Jamaica. The course in Kingston will be held in conjunction with Mico Teachers College to facilitate others.


Major Warrenton Dixon, JaVA's Development Manager, stated that coaching development was essential to the achievement of our long term vision of being an international force in volleyball.


"We have seen substantial improvement in the quality of play in our average youth players because of the primary-level schools programme. Notwithstanding, we have not been able to conduct a course of this nature that builds the theoretical and tactical competences of our coaches at this level. These courses will therefore go a long way to strengthen the foundation of our development programme." 


Dixon also thanked the Regional Body, CAZOVA, and the NORCECA Confederation, for their continued investment in the development of volleyball.


"Having coach Sabbatini here (for a second time in one year) cost a lot of money; so we are very appreciative and we want to maximize this opportunity,” Dixon said. “It would be good though if we received the required funding support locally so we could take this kind of initiative more often." 


President of JaVA, Rudolph Speid, was also thankful to NORCECA and CAZOVA for their investment in the development of volleyball in Jamaica.


"Jamaica is currently ranked as a Category II National Volleyball Federation, which simply means that the perception of our level of play and administration is low. As we did with the recent beach volleyball tournament, JaVA wants to advertise to the world that we are not here to play second fiddle to any country. We intend to at least take Jamaica to Category III in the next 2-3 years. What we have to do is to continue to provide our players and administrators with the needed funding support from both local and international sources."z