Durango Sports Institute supporting NORCECA Final Four

DURANGO, Mexico, June 8, 2023.- The Sports Institute of Durango is welcoming the NORCECA Final Four event supporting the Mexican National Volleyball Federation and the NORCECA Confederation.

César Cárdenas Reyes, Director of the Sports Institute of Durango (IED) attended the teams’ preliminary inquiries with members of his work team to welcome the members of the NORCECA control committee and the four teams competing at the event.

Director César Cárdenas Reyes indicated that he and his team are committed to bring to Durango a highly competitive international event, “we are excited to host an event that gives Mexico the opportunity to qualify to another level of play and that the people of Durango will enjoy good volleyball. The entire Sports Institute is involved for this to be a successful event”.

The official welcoming for the participating teams will be at the opening ceremony scheduled before Mexico’s first match this Friday June 9.

Alberto Arreola, president of the NORCECA control committee and competition director expressed his gratitude to the IED Director and to the State of Durango in receiving an  event of great quality “Durango welcomes us once again with great professionalism, the authorities of the Sports Institute and especially its Director had offered all the necessary facilities for teams to compete at a high level of play and I am sure we’ll have three successful days of competition”.

Por su parte, Alberto Arreola, presidente del Comité de Control de NORCECA y director de Competencia, expresó su gratitud al Director de IED y al Estado de Durango por recibir un evento de esta calidad, “el Estado de Durango nos recibe nuevamente con gran profesionalismo, las autoridades del Instituto Estatal del Deporte de Durango y en especial su Director le ha brindado a los equipos las facilidades necesarias para competir a un alto nivel y estoy seguro que tendremos tres días de alto nivel competitivo”.