Hato Mayor permanent host of the NORCECA Beach Tour


HATO MAYOR, Dominican Republic, November 4, 2022.- Authorities of the province of Hato Mayor are eager to continue their efforts to become a permanent host of the NORCECA Beach Volleyball Tour, as the sixth stage of the event started this Friday at Ecoturístico Doña Callita.


Member of the organizing committee, businessman Juan Barceló Salas, the city’s Mayor Amado De La Cruz and the civil governor Julia Mery Vásquez requested Cristóbal Marte Hoffiz, President of the NORCECA Confederation, for Hato Mayor to host an annual stage of the NORCECA Beach Tour.


“As representative of the municipality, today I assume the responsibility to cooperate with such a transcendental event in our province and especially at Rancho Doña Callita. We are grateful to Cristobal for his efforts to make this a permanent stage”, indicated De La Cruz in her opening words.


The Mayor of Hato Mayor also thanked member of the Organizing Committee chaired by Juan Barceló, “I am grateful for your efforts in such a short period of time, for your great work and to make this a successful event”.


With similar words, Julia Mery Vásquez, representative of the executive power of Hato Mayor, expressed “our joint effort since the beginning is responsible for the success to organize this tour”.


Businessman Barceló Salas, president of Citrícola del Este, indicated that Hato Mayor is proud to host an event of such level with 32 beach volleyball teams (16 per gender) of the region, thanking the support of the sponsors.


Barceló Salas highlighted that the tournament grants ranking points for the qualification of the Olympic Games Paris 2024 (France) which makes this an even important event.


He added “we are honored with the presence of all the athletes, and we wish them a nice experience in their personal and sport life”.  


The words of Cristobal Marte were the focus of the opening ceremony, who valued the role of the municipality and government authorities as well as the business class, all members of the organizing committee.


“You have demonstrated your great organizing qualities, allowing you to request for

Rancho Doña Callita to become a permanent host of the beach tour, which we hope to approve with NORCECA’s Executive Committee and Board of Administration” said Cirstóbal Marte.


Also attending the opening ceremony were businessmen Joan Barceló and Miguel Ángel Peguero, José Manuel Ortega, Mayor of San Francisco Vicentillo, Alexis García, president of the Dominican Volleyball Federation, Ruth González, representing the Women’s Ministry, Ricardo Rondón former Mayor of Mata Palacio and Erick Sedano, dean of the extension of the Santo Domingo University (AUSD).