María José Castro,

MVP of the XXI Cup

MANAGUA, Nicaragua, October 23, 2021 - Costa Rican libero, María José Castro, was chosen as the Most Valuable Player of the XXI Central American Senior Women's Volleyball Cup, helping her team to get the 15th title in a row.  


Castro came out with the distinctions of Best Libero, Best Reception and Best Defense, confirming her good level that led her the best defense title of the NORCECA Senior Continental Championship held in Mexico a few weeks ago.  


Costa Rica dominated eight of 12 individual awards, with Karen Cope as the 1st best outside hitter, Julissa Rodríguez 2nd middle blocker, Tatiana Sayles was the best opposite and Tamara Espinoza the besterver.  


María Alvarez of Guatemala was the best setter and her teammate Rut Gómez, the 2nd best outsider hitter; Dalia Conto of Nicaragua, was the 1st middle blocker best blocking and Sherika Burton of the best scorer.  


“I am very proud and satisfied with the awards, I was not really expecting them. It is a reward for the effort and sacrifice that all the players make, every year we make a great effort to go to train, sometimes we don't even spend time with the family to play volleyball and be able to perform in this sport, but all the sacrifice is worth it", said the 20-year-old Castro.  


"In general we managed to get the matches one by one, all difficult, but we prepare for that, I feel happy and satisfied with my team," added Castro.  


These are the individual recognitions given during the awards ceremony:


1.     Most Valuable Player: Maria José Castro, CRC

2.     Setter: María Alvarez, GUA

3.     1st Outside Hitter: Karen Cope, CRC

4.     2nd Outside Hitter: Rut Gómez, GUA

5.     1st Middle Blocker: Dalia Conto, NCA

6.     2nd Middle Blocker: Julissa Rodríguez, CRC

7.     Opposite Hitter: Tatiana Sayles, CRC

8.     Libero: María José Castro, CRC

9.     Best Receiver: María José Castro, CRC

10.  Best Digger: María José Castro, CRC

11.  Best Server: Tamara Espinoza, CRC

12.  Best Scorer: Sherika Burton, BIZ