NORCECA Final Four a great way to kick off the 2023 season

DURANGO, Mexico, June 8, 2023.- Coaches at the NORCECA Final Four expressed that this is a great way to open the 2023 season which has great competitions ahead and battling for the ticket to the FIVB Challenger Cup will be a great challenge.

Streaming of the event available on Facebook Live Instituto Estatal del Deporte

Alexander Gutierrez, Head coach of Dominican Republic: “This tournament gives us the opportunity to evaluate what we are doing ahead of the Central American Games. Our goal is to prepare for the Games; if we can win this event, we will try to do so. The group has young players with some veterans, the team has grown and last year we finished second at this tournament. This is a year to grow”.

Reider Lucas Mora, Head coach of Guatemala: “This is the second occasion in a row that we are in this event, we are glad to be at this strong level of competition. We will battle every match and it will help us to prepare for the Central American and Caribbean Games, as well as our zonal event,  the Central American Championship”.

Este es el segundo año consecutivo que estamos en este evento, muy contentos de estar en este fuerte nivel de competencia. Nosotros saldremos a luchar en cada partido y nos ayuda a la preparación para los Juegos Centroamericanos y del Caribe, así como al Centroamericano de nuestra zona”.

Jorge Azair, Head coach of Mexico: “This is our first event and for me the most important of the year because it gives us a shot of climbing to another level of competition, the FIVB Challenger. We have been training and now it’s time to see them play. We have seven official senior events, a tough year, we will battle hard the entire year”.

Jamille Torres, Head coach of Puerto Rico: “We’re bringing a young team making a transition of generation and with the goal of improving our level of play to repeat the gold medal at the Central American Games. We think we’ll have a great tournament and try to be ready for the Central American Games”.