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Referees at U21 Cup Receive Modern Molten Deevo Whistles


FORT MCMURRAY, Canada, May 17, 2017 – All referees officiating matches at the U21 Men’s Volleyball Pan American Cup have received the Deevo whistles the exclusive device recently released by Molten Company.


The presentation was made by Refereeing Delegate and President of the FIVB Refereeing Commission, Guillermo Paredes of Argentina and Guy Bradbury , Secretary General of the Norceca Refereeing Commission, from  Canada together with Arateide Caceres, director of National Federations of NORCECA Confederation on the opening day of the tournament at the Syncrude Sport and Wellness Centre at Keyano College on Tuesday.


NORCECA Confederation has been distributing the Molten Deevo whistle in all the 2017 competitions as part of the innovation of the sport of volleyball in all areas.


The Molten Deevo whistle produces a stable and rich high pitch tone for indoor arenas, with the sounds projected to both sides of the court. It features a durable mouthpiece.


The titanium reinforced frame provides exceptional durability while its unique shape produces a powerful sound.


The modern whistle was designed to cut through noise so the sound can be heard throughout the entirety of the court.


"Deevo" is an acronym of "Vocal Depht" and according to Molten, this is a tool with an optimized pitch to maximize sport specific performance. This tool has very important specifications that mark a big difference with the rest of the whistles.


The "Deevo" has two air and sound ways that contribute to have a better sound that cannot be influenced by the crowd noise and has a "stereo" characteristic that can be heard on both sides of the net and all over the court.