Six teams to battle at the Men’s Central American Cup

GUATEMALA CITY, Guatemala, October 29 2021.- Six teams members of AFECAVOL are set to compete at Guatemala’s City Dome from October 30 to November 5 for the XXI Men’s Central American Volleyball Cup title.

*Panama did not formalize their participation in the competition*

These are the coaches’ first impressions:

Albert Humes, Head Coach Belize: “Congratulations to AFECAVOL for bringing back volleyball to the level that we have lost for the past two years. The Pandemic has given players time to mature, to focus on what they want in life and want to achieve, so they are stronger mentally for these tournaments. You can see their workout ethic, the game plan they have and from my end, it has also given me time to prepare my team mentally”.

Johan Morales, Head Coach Costa Rica: “We are really excited, we are eager to win the gold medal and we are aware of the highly competitive level of the event, there are neither favorites nor predictions. We have prepared well before coming, the group has the best players from our two national first division tournaments and I had the opportunity to observe in action”.

Mario Antonio Nochez, Head Coach El Salvador: “Every team wishes to win the gold medal, but as a healthy competitive attitude we want to improve the bronze medal won by our women’s national team some days ago. The team is well prepared. We have five experienced players and for the rest of the players this is their first experience at a senior level”.

Reider Lucas, Head Coach Guatemala: “Our group is young with international experience which helps us face the event after coming out from being inactive. The guys have prepared well, they are happy and as hosts they want to compete well, we are sure the event will have a high level of competition. Guatemala will battle for a good result”.

Víctor Manuel Rodas, Head Coach Honduras: “Despite the difficulties known by everybody, we always have the expectation of reaching the podium. Up to six weeks ago our volleyball gymnasium was reopened and we have tried our best for our players to get back in shape after two years of inactivity to prevent injuries, with aerobic and anaerobic drills to hold up with six games. This will be an experience for the books”.

Osman Hernández, Head Coach Nicaragua: “This is a competition with a lot of uncertainties; all the teams are coming out of a long rest. Our team has possibilities to battle for a medal; our goal is to reach the podium”.