Twenty Matches define Cali’s playoffs 

CALI, Colombia, December 1, 2021 - The day started cloudy but the sun was hot throughout the morning. The same happened with the second day of 20 matches of the beach tournament of the Cali 2021 Games. Two women's games started the day. 


On court 1, the Chilean Mori/Viana could not match the Mexican duo (Gutiérrez/Albarrán) and gave up on 12/21, 14/14. On the side court, the pair of Norceca, from Guatelama (Alvarado/Quiñonez) also celebrated their victory 21/15, 21/16, against the Peruvians (Allcca / Gaona). 


Then three more matches were played. The first South American victory of the morning was carried out by the Colombian couple Valdes/Beltran 2-0 (21/17, 21/12) against Silva / Eledon, from Nicaragua. The Brazilians Victoria/Thainara had no difficulty defeating the Antigua Regis/Hawkins duo. They did it with a score of 21/3, 21/6. The Argentine Najul / DeBrito already fell in a double 21/15 against the Cuban Madan/Dayi. 


The men returned to the court to complete the group playoffs. And they did it with 6 exciting matches, all decided in a tie break. In the first Chacon/Salvatierra, from Bolivia, they fought point by point but fell in a tie-break battle: 21/19, 18/21, 12/15. 


And the close dispute, which delights the fans, continued on court 2, with Uruguay and the Dominican Republic. South Americans Bailon/Gonzales fought for victory falling 1-2 in the third set. Results in favor of the Dominican De Jesus/Martinez: 18/21, 21/13 and 19/17. 


In the matches between the Norceca pairs, Puerto Rico beat Belize (21/17, 21/14) and Nicaragua beat Guatemala by 21/14, 21/13. 


The day was truly one of fierce male disputes. In a match between South American duos from Argentina with Capogrosso/Amieva and Ecuador with León/Jurado, the Ecuatorians fought but it was the Argentines who beat them: 18/21, 21/15, 16/14. 


Brazil with the Renato/Rafael twins, U21 world champions, seemed to quickly close out the first two sets. But the Cuban duo Díaz/Reyes, supported by the fans, turned the game around and won in the tie-break; 18/21, 22/20, 17/15. 


At the end of the games on court 2, the Chileans Aravena / Droguett were also fierce and conceded in three sets against the Mexicans Sarabia / Stephens: 15/21, 21/17, 15/12. While in the 1, one more meeting of South Americans: Paraguay with Colombia. The Paraguayans (Riveros / Giuliano) beat the locals Noriega / Yeferson 19/21, 21/17, 17/15. 


In men, Paraguay, Mexico, Cuba and Argentina advanced directly to the quarterfinals. And they continue in the dispute for the places of the round of 16, Colombia and Nicaragua for group A; Brazil and Costa Rica by B; Ecuador and Puerto Rico, for C and Chile and the Dominican Republic for D. For the dispute from 13 to 16 place Uruguay faces Guatemala while Bolivia faces Belize. 


The afternoon was defining for the female couples who advanced to the quarterfinals. In the eight queen matches they celebrated triumphs: Bolivia in a double 22/20 against Costa Rica; Cuba 11/21, 12/21 against Nicaragua, Venezuela in double 10/21 against Antigua; Guatemala in double 21/16 against Chile, Puerto Rico in double 21/15 against Paraguay; Brazil 21/16, 21/6 against Canada, Colombia 21/18, 21/15 and Mexico (23/20, 21/14, 15/8) against Peru. 


With the results in ladies, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Brazil and Mexico advanced to the quarterfinals. The other two countries that continued in the tournament to play tomorrow (02.12) the round of 16 are: Argentina and Cuba for group A; Paraguay and Bolivia, by B; Brazil and Canada, by C and Guatemala and Peru by D.